Baby Boomer Peace

Turning dreams into goals

We all have dreams. It takes guts to turn them into goals though. Sometimes these dreams are attainable but without the will, most dreams become only an unrealistic goal.

Important, but not always easy, to ‘love thy neighbor’

In my last column I finished with the words: “Don’t store up treasures on Earth, for the real treasures are those that are stored up for heaven.” I was blessed to receive many, very kind responses where the most typical response was, “Thank you for reminding me of what is most important.”

Don’t box up your dreams

I just finished reading the book “Killing Kennedy” by Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard.

I’m getting out of Dodge

I sit here on the evening of the first day of summer. The deadline for my column is a week in advance so with the lightning news cycles of today, mentioning anything in the news would likely be passé by the time you read it.

A gift from our Founding Fathers

This government of ours has become so large and so bloated that now it is in every one of our lives.

Life continues on

All week I’ve been trying to decide what was best to write about. I gear my column toward Baby Boomers, who, for the most part, were wiped out by the recession in the hopes that what I’m experiencing can be a glimmer of hope for those whose journey may mirror my own. In my next […]

No more playing Superman

My friends from La Mesa just got back from a quick trip to Puerto Vallarta. They have the condo two doors down from mine. They said the weather was perfect and the 18-story bay front condo building was filled with college students. They were there on some kind of multi-college science conference or something like […]

Mexico tops in medical tourism

With all the news these last two weeks about Congress proposing cutbacks on Social Security and Medicare, it looks inevitable that the vast majority of baby boomers will likely end up in the exchanges set up by Obamacare starting Jan. 2 next year.

It’s a crazy world

I just finished my taxes and I’m pissed. I’m either getting really old or my hand just shakes writing a check to the IRS. I think my contribution to the government machine is equivalent to a drop of hummingbird pee in the Pacific Ocean, but to me, that hard-earned money “is” the Pacific Ocean, especially […]

Is Mexico the next China?

I was in Puerto Vallarta for seven weeks from the end of November through the middle of January. I had a bunch of dental work done and double knee surgery and saved a ton by having both done there. I’m still recovering from the surgery. It’s a bear getting old. The body doesn’t respond like […]