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Health care actually ‘affordable’ south of border

I just finished three sets of doubles tennis on some beautiful courts in El Tigre out in Nuevo Vallarta. Nuevo Vallarta is around the airport north of Puerto Vallarta. It’s a beautiful master planned development with many four- and five-star resorts, condos and homes. They also have the premier Medical Vacation Hospital right at its entrance — San Javier Hospital — that is as good as any in the United States with a fraction of the cost for every type of care imaginable.Many of those I have met in Nuevo Vallarta speak of their trips in their boats and yachts around the world. I tell them I live in the low rent district out in the Hoteleria Zona. It doesn’t matter to them. I’m just another person on the other side of the net that they want to beat.Afterward we find a sweet palapa on the beach and sip mango margaritas. We’re all just people yet I hobnob with these very successful people while living on a social security income.

That’s what is funny in life. It doesn’t matter what kind of financial shape you’re in, we’re all still just humans trying to find our peace after struggling through the life of adolescence, college or learning a trade, getting married and having a family and all that entails — houses, cars, little league, dance and piano lessons, caring for the family pets.

For me, all of that is starting to become a blur. All I can see now is the horizon. We baby boomers can look at a dark ominous horizon or one that I look at each day through palm trees and a bright orange sunset.

I find myself watching what is happening in our country from afar. It seems like everyone is at someone else’s throat. Everyone wants their piece of a pie that doesn’t exist. Some readers think I’m a hypocrite and want me to feel guilty for taking my Social Security.

I want to repeat, it is my social security. It was money that was supposed to be in a lockbox for me and when I see people drinking from the trough of the Social Security system for illegitimate disability and illegals getting assistance I can’t help slapping my forehead.

I don’t understand how we put our money into the hands of such charlatans in Congress who allowed things like this to happen. Now I understand that Congress also stole money from Medicaid to pay for a bogus “Affordable” Care Act, better known as Obamacare. What a joke. Stealing from seniors? How low is that?

I’ve had one particular reader rip me a new one. He brags about getting 100 percent coverage in the Exchanges for a couple nickels and he’s proud of it. My response is you get free care because you too are either a charlatan taking advantage of the system or you never made anything of yourself so you have nothing there to take care of yourself.

I personally chose not to use my VA benefits for healthcare because that is a real government expense. It is my small way of trying not to drink from the government cup. I pay my own way. If I can’t pay for my care, put me in a box. I’m a libertarian and I think we should all take care of ourselves. At worst, buy an extreme catastrophic care policy and take care of the rest yourself (if Obamacare will let you).

Apparently everyone now needs maternity and drug rehab coverage. Now that’s real helpful to me. I guess I should go do some drugs so I can use my policy. Yeah right.

Go find the premiere doctors that take cash and see you the same day. You’ll get a great discount and end up with the best care in the world. That’s my opinion. As for President Obama and as far as I’m concerned, Joe Wilson was correct when he called our president a liar during the State of the Union address a couple of years back and was excoriated for it. Apparently now that outburst turned prophetic. There is nothing worse than a liar in charge of our lives. What a bummer. Feels like Nixon all over again.

So, I sit on a warm beach as I write this. I’ll be back from my 12 weeks in paradise to North Coastal San Diego when it gets cold in January, but that’s OK. That will just be another adventure and then I’ll look forward to coming back to my “little grass shack” in the spring.

Others might prefer Hawaii, Tahiti, the Caribbean or some other locale where life is slower, but by all means, please go find your peace before your time runs out. Since time waits for no one may peace be with you now and always!



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Jim Karnik December 1, 2013 at 11:05 am

I would point out that the health care system in Mexico is heavily subsidized by the government, making it affordable.

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