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Goons, Goblins, & Politicians

It’s Halloween and all the goons and goblins are out scurrying for candy and the politicians are out with their best costumes on scurrying for votes.

President Obama said that all his policies are on the ballot. He told others in his party that they need to do whatever they need to do to get elected but he stated, “I know that I can count on all of you to vote my agenda.” Of course with a 36 percent approval rating that’s the last thing those Democrat politicians wanted to hear, even if it is the truth.

Voting is this Tuesday. I would suggest everyone who is registered to vote, votes. But check your machines closely. Last week a congressman in another state went to vote on an electronic machine. He cast his vote for himself but the machine registered his vote for his opponent. The auditors of the machines said it was just a bad machine … an anomaly.

In 2012 voters had the same problem nationwide and somehow 3 to 4 million Republicans hadn’t shown up at the polls but nothing ever came of it because Republicans are afraid of their own shadows. Those machines in 2012 only flipped Republican votes to Democrat. Just ask Harry Reid, who won with 56 percent of the vote in Nevada while his son who was a Democrat, running for governor, received only 37 percent of the vote. Hmmmm. Harry Reid was the only Democrat to win in Nevada in 2012. Hmmm, again.

I’m neither Republican nor Democrat. I’m skeptical of them all. We have politician “chumps” who say they are for the “people.” If they were for the “people” they would work for nothing like all our Founding Fathers did but no, all you need to do is pull one two-year stint in congress and you have a pension for life. I wonder if our servicemen who have fought for our freedom get a lifetime pension after two years? Just asking. I know they don’t. In fact, a new private in the Army makes less than minimum wage. He only makes minimum wage if he is in a war zone.

Something is crazy in our system and I don’t know how to fix it. Maybe we should just ask the illuminati to come out of the shadows and produce themselves. After all, they are the ones running the country anyway. Just ask the retired head of the FBI.

Notwithstanding the grim foregoing, we have to hope that zebras can change their stripes and our elected representatives actually do work to better this country instead of going into congress with 10 bucks in the bank and coming out multi-millionaires. Just ask our “do nothing” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. That guy lives in a penthouse in the Waldorf Astoria in Washington, D.C., his reported net worth is somewhere between $30 and $60 million (yes, that’s millions and who in the heck has a $30 million “spread” in their net worth?). His home in Las Vegas is a little two-bedroom shack in the desert.

We all know how they make their money. John Boehner, the Republican leader of the House of Representatives speaks of his humble beginnings. But since his tenure in the House of Representatives he has become a multi-millionaire. When questioned why, he just says to speak with his investment counselor/accountant. He pleads ignorance.

These guys know what laws are being considered and they know who benefits and who loses. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon or Donald Trump to figure out which stocks to buy when you know what the result of legislation will be. If you and I have inside knowledge and act on it, we go to jail. Our elected representatives do this and they are honored with more terms, a boost in pay and a lifetime pension. Guess who’s paying their salaries and pensions? It’s you and me. We’re the chumps. But, even with its faults, the United States is still the “beacon on the hill” thank God.

We are a nation of people, not government. It is the people who protect our lands. It is the people who fight our wars. It is the people who give their last two pennies to help another. Jesus had something to say about that and that’s why I still believe this country is blessed. We care about others and not just ourselves. When in troubling times, to whom does every country in the world look to for assistance? Yes it is America.

It’s a pain to drive to your polling place on Tuesday, I know. But it is our God-given right to choose our representatives. Hopefully your vote isn’t stolen by the greedy. I am, as you read this, closing escrow on my new part-time home and oceanfront casita in Mexico but I’m still an American and when I’m away from my country I am admired and that’s the way it should be. We are a blessed nation and a blessed people.  If I have nothing, I still have the right to vote.

Now, go vote and then hold your breath.

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