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An interesting year

2015 could be a fun and interesting year.  As an odd year there are no elections…Yay!!  Enough with all the negativity.  Let’s look forward to a positive year.

Of course the presidential horses are going to start trotting out of the barns soon but at least we now have a Congress that can break up the deadlock on the 380 or so bills that have been passed in the House of Representatives over the past six years that sat on now ousted Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s desk.  The new Congress should address a renewed energy policy, major tax reform, a sensible immigration policy, an overhaul of the Affordable Care Act and even a return to space exploration.  It will be interesting to see what transpires.

Because I have a second home in Mexico I’m most interested in seeing if something can be worked out between Mexico and the United States in new trade agreements and the loosening of many restrictions on both sides of the border.  There is an absolute gold mine south of the border but Mexico has many economic restrictions.  One example is you can’t register a car if it is newer than 10 years old.  The ramification of that, if you think about it, is mind-boggling.  Yes they sell Chevy’s and Fords and even Mercedes but those are manufactured in Mexico.

I was listening to a morning show the other day when someone asked Donald Trump where the next big opportunity was; his response was “Mexico.”  According to Trump there is ample workforce (70 percent of the population is under 25) for more industry, more farming, and more development in general but there are self-imposed restrictions.  The minimum wage there is 100 pesos per day (about $8).  (Now generally the only persons in Mexico that will work eight hours for 100 pesos are kids.  That’s why you see about 10 of them working at a Burger King.  It’s good though since the kids learn how to work, take instruction and learn to budget money and find a little independence.  Our Congress should consider such a move to lower teenage minimum wage here as well.  Kids don’t know how to work like we boomers did, but I digress).

We take care of a lot of Mexican people in this country.  I believe the time is right for Mexico to open up and let Americans come in and have the freedoms the Mexican people (legally and illegally) have come to the USA for; like more opportunity, the outright owning of property and building things without excessive taxation.  Capital gains taxes are 10 percent in Mexico for Mexicans; its 35 percent for foreigners.  That should be the first point of discussion between our countries.

As you read this I’m likely sitting on my seawall looking out at the ocean, waiting for my own waves and enjoying near 80 degree water and like temperatures and no humidity in my Mexico casita south of San Blas.  I’ll be there through the holidays.  Part of my reason for buying in Mexico was to be self-sufficient and survive on an SS income (which I’m doing).  I want free energy and I want to purify salt water or drill my own well using solar to turn the pumps.  A solar get-around vehicle like an oversized golf cart would be cool too.  But most of all, it is my retreat from the world and all the craziness in it.

The world may be going nuts right now but hopefully 2015 will be a fun and productive year.  Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukah everyone!  Tis the season for peace and happiness!