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Carlsbad Lions give library special upgrades

CARLSBAD — A recent Carlsbad Lions donation is allowing the Carlsbad City Library to make some special upgrades. 

Like the group’s previous contributions, this one has benefited library visitors who may be either vision or hearing impaired.

The current Carlsbad Lions gift of $1,000 is making a new assisted hearing system possible at the library’s Ruby G. Schulman Auditorium.

Heather Pizzuto, the library and cultural arts director for the city of Carlsbad, was on hand to accept the monies from Miss and Teen Carlsbad and their courts, which represented the Carlsbad Lions at a recent City Council meeting.

“Carlsbad City Library hosts hundreds of literary and cultural events each year in our Ruby G. Schulman Auditorium. Our sound system allows us to provide assisted listening devices to enhance the sound,” Pizzuto said. “Patrons may use our devices, which are similar to headphones, and control the volume to make the sound louder as needed.”

Pizzuto wants people to know they recently decided it was time to replace their aging devices with an updated system, which will make a profound difference for their patrons.

“The older devices were having some difficulty charging and not lasting through a full program,” she said. “Our new devices will ensure patrons receive a high-quality listening experience at all of our events.”

Previous donations from the Lions Club to Carlsbad City Library have increased their inventory of large-print book collections. These select books have come in handy for those struggling with smaller print styles.

During the economic downturn, Pizzuto said, donations from this nonprofit have meant a great deal to the library.

The group has offered a helping hand in a variety of ways.

“The Lions Club support of the vision- and hearing-impaired community includes providing eye exams and glasses for Carlsbad school children, collecting and recycling used eyeglasses, and contributions to organizations such as the San Diego Eye Bank and Canine Companions,” she said.

The upgrades at the Ruby G. Schulman Auditorium are slated for early July.

Pizzuto said the city is making this purchase at Williams Sound, which specializes in assisted hearing systems for venues such as auditoriums, movie theaters, churches, schools and conference centers.

“A transmitter installed in the auditorium works with the devices, which are personal receivers with headphones, to enhance the sound coming through the auditorium’s speakers,” she said. “Each patron who needs the sound enhancement receives their own device during their time at the program,” she said, adding that the attendee may adjust their volume setting.

Once again, Pizzuto said, the Carlsbad City Library is extremely appreciative of the Lions Club’s kindhearted and generous gift.

Pizzuto said the library is a community gathering place that attracts people of all ages and from all walks of life. These upgrades for the new system will help those with hearing challenges so they can thoroughly enjoy and take part in all the programs at the Ruby G. Schulman Auditorium.

“Through the strong community support to which the Lions Club is dedicated, the library is in turn able to better serve the community’s needs,” she said. “Lectures, movies and other events become even more accessible to all, thanks to the support of the Carlsbad Lions Club.”