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Carlsbad approves gun violence prevention resolution

CARLSBAD — It is one of the most discussed topics in the country.

Gun violence, specifically on school campuses, has redefined school security measures, plans and actions by those associated school districts, cities, county and state agencies.

On Nov. 27, the Carlsbad City Council became the latest city to approve a gun violence resolution to support school and student safety.

A sample resolution was brought forward on April 24 by Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, and several weeks ago the council approved a broad school violence prevention resolution. However, this time around the council approved a resolution specifically for gun violence prevention.

Councilwoman Cori Schumacher has long sought such an approval and said she was happy the city is taking notice of the “horrific impact on communities across America,” part of the resolution reads, in addition to protecting children.

She and Councilman Michael Schumacher represented the city on the City/School Committee, along with their counterparts from the Carlsbad Unified School District, Veronica Williams and Elisa Williamson, during a Sept. 20 meeting.

Cori Schumacher said the Sept. 20 split vote was the result of two members wanting a more community wellness-oriented resolution, while two others wanted a narrow focus. Nevertheless, the City Council voted to approve to bring the measure back with a more narrowed focus on gun violence prevention.

Carmen Rene, co-chair of the Friends of Carlsbad Schools 2018 committee that spearheaded the campaign for the Carlsbad Unified School District’s $265 million bond, said she supports the measure. Throughout her career, she added, work begins and ends with addressing safety concerns.

She said it is incumbent upon state and federal elected leaders to take action against gun violence.

“I find it disturbing that as a nation, we pulled romaine lettuce from grocery store shelves immediately when four people got sick,” Rene said. “This action was taken to keep people safe and prevent impact. Yet, we avoid discussions and action related to gun violence.”

Although she said she understands romaine lettuce is not protected under the U.S. Constitution, Rene said the concerns surrounding gun violence must be heard and acted on.

“We simply must take action on gun violence in the same spirit,” she added.

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Betsy Shapiro ATR-BC December 4, 2018 at 11:23 am

Thank you Carlsbad, Moms Demand Action and all involved with passing gun violence prevention in Carlsbad. I agree that this needs immediate attention, long pass due in Federal and in States regulations and prevention programming. America has been in a gun violence epidemic for years now and it is time for CDC to be able to address it as well as Department of Homeland Security. I am so angered that our own government, by taking NRA money or allowing this, to block safe gun laws the majority of people and gun owners want and so desperately need. We must keep guns out of wrong hands and I feel we cannot have assault weapons any longer. The ban of 10 years 1994-2004 was life saving. The gun industry immunity act must be repealed as it protects guns and ammo over people, since 2005. The Constitution tries to ensure that “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” is everyone’s right. The 2nd Amendment says “well-regulated” never implying that wrong hands should have guns, or guns should be protected over children. We must have prevention programs in every school with programs such as art therapy, coping skills, stress and anger management, and programs such as Sandy Hook Promise prevention programs. As an art therapist I would love to work with others on this, Thank you, Betsy Shapiro ATR-BC

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