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Cardiff 101 leadership changes

ENCINITAS — The Cardiff 101 Main Street Association announced that it has selected a new executive director for the second time in as many years.

Roberta Walker, who most recently served as the policy advisor and grant specialist for former County Supervisor Dave Roberts, has been selected to succeed Annika Walden, who recently was named the director of business development for Surfhouse Adventures, a boutique surf motel and guided surf camp in Leucadia.

Walker, who has also served as the communications coordinator for the Solana Center for Environmental Innovation, started her new post on March 16.

“I am extremely excited,” Walker said. “I really like the organization and what they have done over the years, they have put on great events that bring our community together and really define the Cardiff community. I am thrilled to have this opportunity to be involved and make a difference and improve this part of our community.”

Walker said that Walden approached her in January about the position, and she met with the executive board in February.

She said what intrigued her about the position was the same that she enjoyed about her work with the County.

“It was all about helping people and bettering their quality of life,” Walker said. “And this is kind of the same thing, but on a more targeted and focused level.”

Walden served as the organization’s leader from September 2015, when former executive director Tess Radmill took a position with the city of San Marcos.

In recent months, Cardiff 101 signed off on the rebranding of Carpentier Parkway to the Harbaugh Seaside Parkway after its offshoot foundation received a large grant from the Harbaugh Family Foundation.

Walden also oversaw the organization during an acrimonious dispute with the organizers of the Cardiff Kook Run. The Main Street group sued the race organizers for using the statue’s likeness without a licensing agreement from the business organization. That suit was recently settled.

Walker, a former professional snowboarder who still is an avid snowboarder, surfer and environmentalist, said that she wants to continue to expand and improve on the organization’s event roster, and create a consistent revenue stream for the organization, which is something that both former executive directors said was a challenge.

“You look at the other 101 groups in town, and we don’t have a farmer’s market or a storefront shop, so we have to look at ways to create that consistent revenue stream,” Walker said.

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Morgan Mallory March 18, 2017 at 8:17 am

Cardiff 101 Mainstreet Association, (C101), has been very fortunate to have had strong, smart and caring program managers to assist in the worthy goals to benefit our community.
Roberta has the experience and proven track record to bring carry on with efforts to maintain the positive elements of the past and assist in prudent planning for the future.
Good for us.
Thanks Roberta.

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