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With the TeQ.I.Q app you can do everything on your TV that you can do on your computer and more. Courtesy photo
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Calling all bingers, TV and movie fanatics: There’s a new player in town

Are you a Grey’s Anatomy fanatic or someone who can’t bear to miss Sunday Night Football?

Maybe you’re stuck in traffic and the finale of The Good Doctor is going to be airing in less than 10 minutes and you know you’re never going to make it. Plus, your DVR has been acting up and it’s never reliable.

Perhaps you’re an Uber, truck driver, or taxi driver and you work nights so evening TV viewing is never, ever an option.

Whatever TV shows or movies you’re into, having to miss them due to chores, travel, or the like can throw a wrench in your watching schedule.

However, you can put a stop to all the interruptions thanks to the TeQ I.Q. App that lets you watch TV and movies either via OnDemand or Live. This future of entertainment lets you watch anytime, or anywhere; whether your job keeps you on the road, or you’re a soccer mom taking kids back and forth to practice and you can’t get home in time.

“With TeQ I.Q. you can watch what you want to watch, when you watch, and where you watch, and all for a better price than anyone else is offering,” said TeQ I.Q. President and CEO Robert “Blacky” Black.

You can choose from 1,000s of commercial-free movies, and TV shows in HD, SD, or 1080p via the App, right from your Android phone, tablet, TV box, Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, or Fire tablets. If you don’t have any of those, you can also order a box from TeQ I.Q. Best of all, there are no Cable companies, contracts, worrying about choosing bundles, or fearing for a power outage.


No question, TeQ I.Q. is different than anything else available: just use the App on your device and it becomes your complete home or office entertainment center.

“Your TV can now do everything you can do on your computer and more,” Black said. “You can watch TV, movies, surf the Web, read the news, check your email, pay your bills, Skype with your friends — anything you want.”

It works using any Internet connection and uses a simple, and exclusive tile, and guide-based format making it easy and fun way to watch TV on your electronic device.

“With our App, you can watch nearly any TV show, or movie from the beginning of time to the present,” Black said. “We built our service on the KODI platform, allowing you to watch everything commercial-free. It’s all there.”

So, forget relying on Cable, go ahead and replace Netflix, TeQ I.Q. is your answer to being able to binge and/or regularly watch your favorite shows, and movies on the road in your SUV, or in your home, you name it.

Even if you’re traveling in your RV, and just can’t miss your shows this is the answer. Maybe you’re leaving the country, or if you are an EU, or UK transplant, or a college kid stuck in the dorm, this App is for you.


Sounds too good to be true, right? It’s not. There are a few options in terms of pricing:

For $5 a month, you get the App and have access to more than 300 channels that offer commercial-free Video OnDemand TV shows and movies along with in-App support.

If you want extra “white glove service and support” along with all the other bells and whistles, it will cost $20 per month, and includes support via phone, text, and live chat with local experts.

Customers can’t say enough about the service: “Every time I had an issue with my old Cable company, I would spend almost an hour on the phone, and often ended up hung up on, and always felt unappreciated. With TeQ I.Q., I can just text them and I get a reply almost immediately. When they say, ‘white glove service,’ they mean it,” said longtime customer, Chris K. from San Marcos.

“It’s all about changing the TV experience, said Black, a San Diego resident, who he has more than two decades in the tech business and aims to satisfy his customers.

“We are continuously updating and adding new content to increase the user experience and promote a better, more affordable way to indulge in all your digital entertainment needs,” he said.

Black welcomes inquiries and offers free demos at the TeQ I.Q. office, or in your home. He wants his customers to know and understand exactly what they are getting and be there for them every step of the way.

“We are a transparent company; we don’t shy away from any questions. We want all of our users to feel supported while getting the best and most comprehensive service possible,” he said.

For more information about TeQ I.Q. and/or to schedule a free consultation, visit or call, (760) 790-2200.