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Business owner runs for Carlsbad City Council

City Council candidate Farrah Douglas is living the American dream. But it wasn’t easy for her to get where she is today.
After a difficult escape from Iran, Carlsbad was the city that embraced her and gave her a home and foundation, she said, where she could grow as a business owner, a mother, and eventually a community and civic leader.
“I want to give back and do all I can to make our city a better place to live,” Douglas said. “I will be a diligent and productive council member who understands the true meaning of public service, having demonstrated this understanding through action.”
A native of Iran, Douglas left the country in 1979, along with her American husband Rick, and their then-2-year-old son, during the country’s revolution.
The family, who had been in hiding during the political unrest, left just in time, and under stressful circumstances. Shortly thereafter, Americans still in Iran were taken hostage.
Eventually, the family found its way to Carlsbad, where it didn’t take long for them to decide to stay and start a new life.
The former government translator and journalist opened a printing business with her husband in the southern part of the city.
“The very first day that we opened the doors, our income for that entire day was 50 cents,” Douglas said.
But by working hard to build the business, and to create a trustworthy and respected name in the community, she said, the business survived and even flourished despite many trying economic times.
Douglas is currently involved in several local service clubs and organizations, and according to those who know her, has shown a sincere desire to contribute to the well-being of the community through social and charitable service.
“I have found great enjoyment and satisfaction through my efforts in public service,” Douglas said of her 20 years of community service. “I have a passion for public service and I love Carlsbad.”
If elected, Douglas said she plans to be fiscally responsible and keep the city finances strong.
“I’ll examine every aspect of our budget and contracts with an open mind and a willingness to make necessary changes,” she said.
Douglas said she wants to be able to sustain the quality of life that residents enjoy today in Carlsbad, but would like to enhance existing resources such as the revitalization of the Barrio, one of the city’s oldest neighborhoods, through city policies that encourage appropriate commercial-residential development.
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