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Hand painted tiled artwork was installed by Caltrans and SANDAG Build NCC Project alongside the City of Encinitas and talented artists. Courtesy photo
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Blending the coastline: Art installation at Encinitas Boulevard

In December 2022, the Caltrans and SANDAG Build NCC Project alongside the City of Encinitas and talented artists Amy Baur and Brian Boldon who created fused image mosaic tile artwork consisting of a variety of California native plants and animal species, blending the city to the coastline.

Not only does this art brighten the area, but it’s also a key design component reflected throughout the Build NCC project – constructing visually appealing and helpful infrastructure improvements throughout North County. The I-5/Encinitas Boulevard intersection was improved by the Build NCC project through a new separated biking and walking path under the overpass, offering safe east/west connectivity for people biking and walking and improving coastal access.

Similar work can also be found at Santa Fe Drive with improved bike and pedestrian connectivity, and a variety of art tile from local artists in the community.

The Caltrans and SANDAG Build NCC Project is continuing with ongoing work through 2024, creating new 4 miles of new Carpool/HOV Lanes, a new sound wall, and community enhancements in the City of Carlsbad such as enhancements to the I-5 intersections with Chestnut Avenue and Palomar Airport Road with new bike paths and integrated technology. The Build NCC Project is anticipated to be complete in 2024, with the new HOV Lanes to be completed in Summer 2023.

Thank you for your patience throughout construction – we’re almost there!

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