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Base promotes energy awareness and efficiency

CAMP PENDLETON — The United States is the single largest domestic user of energy and spends more than $9 billion to power its vehicles, operations, and approximately 500,000 facilities throughout the country. Camp Pendleton hosted an annual Energy Awareness event, Nov. 3 at the Mainside Plaza to educate Marines and sailors about energy efficiency. “During Energy Awareness […]

‘Bath salt’ drug effects still unknown

CAMP PENDLETON — Following the imposed ban of “spice,” service members are now being faced with another faux drug challenge. A ban was recently enforced in December 2010 by Marine Corps Forces Pacific that prohibited the use of a synthetic drug known as “spice” and the hallucinogenic herb, salvia divinorum. Now, a new drug which shows similar effects of […]

Corps restores tuition assistance for Marines heading to class

CAMP PENDLETON — The Marine Corps has restored the tuition assistance allowance to fiscal year 2011, rescinding proposed cuts allotted to higher education. Up to 100 percent of tuition and fees has been reauthorized for Marines wishing to improve their education, according to Marine Administrative Message 639/11, released Oct. 27. “There has been no commensurate increase to tuition […]

Service members learn to paint their feelings

The Marines entered the room reluctantly when they decided to attend an art class to help “express their emotions with color,” but after an hour and a half with Laurie Zagon, the 13 students left the room confident and full of radiant smiles. “Color gives me a way to say the things that I just […]

Motorcycle event promotes safety

CAMP PENDLETON —The cool chill of morning mist, the sounds of racing engines and the smell of burnt rubber filled the air at Camp Pendleton’s Marine Corps Air Station during the second Fun Day on the Runway. The motorcycle track day, training and safety event, hosted by Semper Ride, featured classes and clinics on bike […]

Pendleton hosts annual Sprint Triathlon

CAMP PENDLETON —  More than 1,200 triathletes swam, cycled and sprinted to the finish line during Camp Pendleton’s 2011 Sprint Triathlon, Aug. 6. The Sprint Triathlon occurs annually as part of the Marine Special Operations Command Hard Corps Race Series, and serves as the fourth of the six-annual events offered for participants.  “This is by far […]

Pendleton kids can play like the pros

CAMP PENDLETON — Although they’re not tall and fierce like NFL superstars, the 150 children who attended the first Eric Dickerson Youth Football Camp learned to play like the pros. On July 21 and July 22, children ages 7 to 18 were eligible to take part in hands-on instruction from NFL players at Camp Pendleton’s […]

Pendleton powerlifter presses nearly 750 pounds

CAMP PENDLETON — What do a baby elephant, a motorcycle and 85,000 M16 rounds have in common? Not much. But each one weighs about 750 pounds; the weight that one 24-year-old Camp Pendleton Marine bench pressed, breaking a world-record for his 275-pound weight class. Sgt. David “The Beast” Douglas, an automotive organizational mechanic for 1st […]

Historic Pendleton caboose finds new home

CAMP PENDLETON  — An emblem of Camp Pendleton’s past has finally reached a destination where its true history can be remembered. Until recently, what is now known as the “Camp Pendleton Caboose,” was left to fade into history on the base’s Range 131. However, the Mechanized Museum’s officials recognized its historical significance and opted to make […]