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Base promotes energy awareness and efficiency

CAMP PENDLETON — The United States is the single largest domestic user of energy and spends more than $9 billion to power its vehicles, operations, and approximately 500,000 facilities throughout the country.
Camp Pendleton hosted an annual Energy Awareness event, Nov. 3 at the Mainside Plaza to educate Marines and sailors about energy efficiency.
“During Energy Awareness Month, and throughout the year, we must all remember that saving energy is an individual priority and focus,” said Charles Howell, resource efficiency manager, Base Energy Office. “We can safeguard our energy infrastructure and reduce our carbon footprint in all that we do through simple choices and attention to energy efficiency.”
During the event, fountains and lights were on display to educate patrons about solar energy and hand outs were distributed, informing Marines and sailors about recycling programs aboard base.  Attendees also received free items such as florescent light bulbs and various energy saving tools such as indoor thermometers to encourage energy conservation.
 “Our goal for the base is to inform service members about the new technologies that help reduce energy costs,” said Debbie Duckworth, pollution prevention branch manager, teamed with Base Energy Office. “We encourage everyone to be cautious. There are many resources available that can help us all do better with energy savings.”
President Obama has included the goal of improving public building energy efficiency in his administration’s economic recovery plan, according to the Congressional Research Service website. The focus was to improve energy efficiency and reduce fossil fuel use. A recent Executive Order mandated a 30-percent reduction by 2015.
 “With so many major global challenges tied to energy use, including air pollution, climate change, volatile fuel supplies and costs, aging energy infrastructure and reliance on fossil fuels, it makes sense to choose energy efficiency as a basic work ethic and lifestyle,” explained Howell.
Camp Pendleton officials have actively pursued energy efficiency. “Everyone is working together to make Camp Pendleton a more energy-efficient base,” said Howell. “Remembering to turn off your lights or unplugging things when they are not in use are all important. It’s the little things that make a difference.”