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Dirty little secret on Crest Drive

Once upon a time there was a brand new city with many helpful folks in charge, some of whom may have done us dirty. Traffic being a big scary monster that had to be slayed, excellent roads were built from here to there, and from one neighborhood onto others the cars were steered away. Crest […]

Commentary: Our system is sick and greedy

The California First Five Commission oversees hundreds of millions of dollars each year of cigarette tax money.

What’s up with the soup?

“One product that is virtually impossible to recycle and never biodegrades is plastic foam.”

Playing those housing games

Did you enjoy the polka-dot placing poker game of allocating the unnecessary and unwarranted low income housing units in Encinitas last year?

Fluoride and the First 5

In the continuing saga of “The Fluoride Fallacy,” and the impending increase in our water rates, I’ve been doing more research.

The fluoride fallacy

Fluoride is coming soon to a tap near you!

Reboot the Mission

“People are crazy and times are strange,” from Bob Dylan’s Academy award-winning song.

For the benefit of the oceans

“Mother, Mother Ocean, I have heard you call…” The famous rock ‘n’ roll crooner Jimmy Buffett sang a sweet ballad about his life as a modern-day pirate, a sailor, and lover of the ocean.

Treading lightly

Are you enjoying the October landscape?

Don’t mess with Crest?

No disrespect intended toward Irene as I quote from her letter to the editor from August 31: