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Just who will benefit from Citizen Satisfaction Survey?

The Encinitas City Council recently approved an agenda item to spend up to $66,000 for three Citizens Satisfaction Surveys to run through 2016 with the first survey to cost $20,000.

Mayoral power ploy doesn’t belong here in Encinitas

At last week’s Encinitas council meeting Mayor Jerome Stocks and Deputy Mayor Kristin Gaspar hoped to pass a change in city policy that would have installed Gaspar as mayor for a two-year term without a vote of the people. I expect these types of power grabs from third world dictators not in my own backyard.

Texting ban is a ‘no brainer’

When I attend a business meeting I turn my cell phone off. I do this because I do not want to receive a call, email or text during the meeting.

Lessons from Little League

Little League season is here! With great joy North County kids and parents will gather around ballparks for opening day. Wearing floppy hats and baggy pants little leaguers will take the field and begin seasons they’ll remember for life.

Benefiting from mindfulness

Principles are beliefs requiring actions to guide behavior. Our principles and the principles of elected leaders are key components to life, liberty and leadership.

Election year is here, use your ballot

The 2012 Encinitas City Council race is underway. This week Encinitas Mayor Jerome Stocks sent an unsolicited email “newsletter” to residents. Stocks had previously never sent residents a newsletter. With his future at stake it appears he decided maybe he should. In doing so he may have shot himself in the foot.Some residents wondered how […]

ERAC members on the inside looking out

“If you’re not inside you’re outside.” So says millionaire investor Gordon Gecko played by Michael Douglas to Charlie Sheen’s aspiring young stockbroker Bud Fox in the movie “Wall Street.”

City council should ‘Envision the View’

In Encinitas major decisions impacting the city’s 60,000 residents need to be placed on the ballot for a public vote. Certain actions like buying and selling real estate, public debt, zoning changes and major capital projects need to be approved by the people, not a three-person council majority.

Residents must have say on General Plan

Del Mar and Encinitas officials are rewriting city zoning to promote high-density mixed-use development. If approved the changes could cede local control of zoning to state bureaucrats, increase traffic, destroy community character and reduce quality of life. Del Mar officials call it “revitalization.”

10 years later, and still no Hall Park

Youth sports teach personal ownership for actions.  As a boy, when I prepared to play for the Little League championship my dad Hank and our coach Mr. Moody told us kids “Excuses don’t win championships.” I thought of my dad as I watched Encinitas Mayor Jerome Stocks being interviewed by Michael Turko on KUSI who […]