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Around the County: The Latest at the County

My goal during this pandemic has been to keep people safe, while responsibly reopening businesses and getting people back to work. We continue to test more people than we ever have, which is why we’ve seen an increase in positive cases.

While positive testing results are increasing, as we approach the July 4th holiday, hospitalizations and Intensive Care Unit (ICU) capacity remain relatively stable.

Shutting down entire industry sectors that employ thousands of workers is detrimental to our economy. If there are bad actors, let’s address them directly, but we shouldn’t close the overwhelmingly law-abiding business owners of San Diego County.

On a separate note, I’ve teamed up with Supervisor Jacob as we prepare for the fire season, during the COVID-19 pandemic. Fires can be a traumatic experience for families, being evacuated and possibly losing their homes.

Staying in a big shelter with hundreds of families doesn’t make it easier. Being able to go into your own hotel room, gather your thoughts and emotions is vital.

The County of San Diego has partnered with The Red Cross to provide residents under evacuation orders the option to stay hotel or motel, or at multiple shelters with fewer than 50 people instead of a larger traditional shelter.

The Red Cross is working with nearly 100 lodging businesses across the county to make rooms available in a crisis, and they have identified over 200 shelter locations to provide these safer options.

I’ve also partnered with Supervisor Kristin Gaspar for the “Tour Our Trails” challenge. The challenge encourages safe, socially distant, outdoor recreation. There are easy, moderate and difficult trails so hikers, bikers and equestrians of all skill levels can participate.

Completing all five parks/preserves in a category earns a prize and completing all 15 will earn competitors a special limited-edition patch!