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‘An investment in education pays the best return’

The above quote (courtesy of American founding father Ben Franklin) is from Richard Loth’s Fund Investor’s Schoolhouse website’s home page — Loth, a self-described “investment educator,” uses this platform as a “learning center for mutual fund investing.”

The Back Story

More people invest in mutual funds than any other investment product.

However, Loth says, “that while mutual funds are a popular investing vehicle, many individual investors lack financial experience and expertise, are time-challenged, and suffer from information overload.”

As a consequence, numerous professional and academic studies show that the average investor’s returns are considerably below those provided by the markets’ investment indexes.

The negative impact of this circumstance on retirement financial security is becoming a serious societal problem.

The Schoolhouse’s response to this dilemma is to use “actionable-education,” which, for Loth, means, “preparing an investor to be able to select and monitor an investment portfolio that is easy-to-understand, low-cost, high-quality, and good for the long-term.” Simply stated, these objectives form the curriculum for Loth’s recently established Schoolhouse  Solution program.

Learning How to Invest for Yourself

This unique educational initiative is based on learning by doing. Loth uses Schoolhouse study guides and Morningstar’s online database (available to San Diegans, courtesy of the San Diego County Library) to access a treasure trove of practical mutual fund investing know-how that will last a lifetime.

Loth sums up his one-on-one approach to investor education in this way: “For non-professional individual investors, the Schoolhouse Solution represents an inexpensive, effective alternative to conventional investment management. As an investor, it puts you in control, and you’ll understand the do’s and don’ts of the investment process.”

For more information, contact him at [email protected] or call (858) 925-7004.

Readers should note that Loth currently conducts Morningstar-based investment education lectures, which are open to the public, at the Encinitas Library, the Carlsbad Senior Center, and at the Oasis San Diego’s adult education facility in Mission Valley.