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Dr. Phillip Milgram has always been a pioneer in this field. Founding Anti-Aging San Diego in 1984, he was the owner of the early detection clinic called The LifeScore Clinic and co-founder of the Society for Integrative Age Management Medicine. Courtesy photo
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Age-Reversal Therapies in Carlsbad and Encinitas

There are scientifically proven age-reversal therapies that exist that are safe and are legally available today.

These therapies, such as IV therapies with vitamins and NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide), and other treatments; such as physician-prescribed medications which can remove old or abnormal elements from your body, add or enhance youthful elements naturally, and increase the length and quality of your life.

The goal is to provide the body with all the nutrients it needs, for its metabolic functions, from uncontaminated and nutrient-rich sources. First the doctor should discover what your genetic fingerprint is; to design individualized nutritional therapies personalized for your individual needs.

Then, see which contaminants, heavy metals, poisons, allergens, parasites and genetic components pertain specifically to you. When you first detoxify your body, create a healthy microbiome (good bacteria and no yeast in your gut), then you can add these advanced therapies that:

A) Remove aged senescent or abnormal cells and elements from your body and mTor inhibition

B) Provide cellular energy, detoxification, anti-inflammatory and immune competence with proven therapies.

C) NAD+ Infusion therapies which repair DNA, enhance connectivity of your brain and add natural energy to your cells

D) Support youth with enhancement of young stem cell production and maintenance, cell messaging and integration

My advice is to first get tested to discover your current (pre-treatment) status. Testing can be done to see your inflammatory markers, toxins and parasites you might have in your body, your genetic metabolic fingerprint, your immunocompetence, hormonal function, brain and cognition status, and any abnormalities particular to you. There are inexpensive ways to achieve this, with the alliances and NADMD have established, to certain studies, organizations such as the Gerontological Research Group, Life Extension, the Coalition for Radical Life Extension, the Society for the Rescue of Our Elders, and others. Then, as you undergo treatments, you can re-test specific indicated tests to see and quantify improvements in yourself; objectively. Many of these tests are covered by your health insurance or through alliances we have with certain laboratories.

There are other therapeutic recommendations that may be indicated such as Dasatinib and Quercitin, Rapamycin, growth hormone releasing factors, peptides, plasma, stem cell and exosome therapies.

Some of these therapies are not yet approved by the FDA, or may be even illegal in the USA; unless the doctor is registered in a clinical study or an approved investigational review board. At NADMD and, we are always attempting to participate in these types of clinical studies and make these advanced therapies safe and available to our patients. Be careful to not go to providers who are not, as the therapies may actually be unsafe, unproven, contaminated or dangerous.

We are in a very exciting period in medical development. With advances in genetic testing and therapies, development of artificial intelligence and discovery of how the body works at the cellular, sub-cellular, hormonal, genetic, and system levels and signaling pathways between cells. With the incorporation of new therapeutic modalities and our ability to design and individualize novel nutritional and scientifically enhanced treatments, we are achieving health and longevity never before seen in medicine. You can view these therapies on our website, or on the Rescue Elders or Radical Coalition for Life Extension, of which Dr. Phillip Milgram is listed as a provider where these therapies are available. Dr. Milgram has always been a pioneer in this field. Founding ‘Anti-Aging San Diego” in 1984, he was the owner of the early detection clinic called “The LifeScore Clinic,” co-founder of the “Society for Integrative Age Management Medicine” and has been practicing Preventive Medicine and Public Health, bio-identical hormone replacement therapies and advanced nutritional therapies in San Diego since 1980. Having co-founded The NAD Treatment Center, he no longer works there and now has offices in Carlsbad and Encinitas as NAD MD Inc. Call for an appointment at (760) 736-4444, or visit us at