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A vote for accessibility

Dear Editor,

Thank you for publishing the article “101 Main reps to attend Walk Bike Places.” While a seemingly small public service announcement, this article struck a chord with me.

I was born and raised in Cardiff. I learned to ride my bike on the dirt trails next to the railroad tracks. My first taste of independence was walking to Pipes Beach after school.

Cardiff was my domain.

And while, now an adult, I still prefer walking or biking, I have noticed like many other residents that the vehicular traffic and the legacy of poor street planning has left us in a pickle. The most desirable aspects of our community are more difficult to access on foot or bike than ever before.

So to see that Jody Hubbard and Kellie Hinze are attending the New Orleans conference to learn how to make our community accessible for everyone is most definitely newsworthy.

As we approach a local election where we have candidates who are promoting divergent views of accessibility, it’s important to support Mayor Catherine Blakespear for displaying the leadership savvy to install individuals like Jody on the planning commission.

And further, I wholeheartedly support Jody Hubbard for City Council. She can only do so much on the Planning Commission.

I’m voting for her for City Council so that I can feel safe letting my children bike and walk around Cardiff, just like I did.


Kyle Gerrity, Cardiff-by-the-Sea