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“When I come to wherever they want to, they don’t have any excuse left not to train,” says Rachael Stoltz, a concierge personal trainer. Courtesy photo
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A concierge trainer that makes house calls

“I can see that you have more strength left,” says Rachael Stoltz, personal trainer.

“Six more!” Stoltz is training with me in my home gym. The training is very efficient, and I truly can feel the fat burning. Stoltz explains that building lean muscle will burn fat and increase my strength. Meanwhile, Stoltz’s business idea is founded in availability — to come where her customer wants to work out. “When I come to wherever they want to, they don’t have any excuse left not to train. In many cases, people don’t have time to work out or they can’t drive to the gym,” Stoltz says.

Clients want to exercise in a safe environment, lose weight, maintain their balance and feel good. Stoltz always brings her equipment with her — yoga mats, click weights, balls and ropes — so the customer can try different workouts. San Diego resident, Stoltz is originally from Poway and has a kinesiology degree in physical therapy and more than 12 years of training experience. Stoltz is San Diego’s premiere trainer and a fitness industry leader. She is an author and gives many health speeches around San Diego County.

“You can build strength and lean muscle at any age” said Stoltz.

Stoltz shows me simple moves to develop my abs, biceps, triceps and shoulders and to help my sore neck. She is very patient and knowledgeable. Stoltz encourages her clients to contact her at any time between sessions if they have questions. “It’s great if something truly motivates a person to train,” she says. “The real reason to work out has to be something that they value in life, for example to have energy to play with your kids or maintain the relationship with your significant other or live longer. The results are incredible. I have an 82-year old client that tripped and caught himself with only his hands in a push up position. His knees never touched the ground. Your body doesn’t care how old you are. You can build strength and lean muscle at any age.” Stoltz’s life goal is to help people live healthful lifestyles by creating balance and joy in her customer’s lives. “Outside shows what is inside,” she says. “I want to deal with forgiveness and guilt and get the problems inside solved.” Stoltz offers a free initial workout and consultation.

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