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John Moseley at work in his studio and gallery in the Carlsbad Village Faire. Image courtesy of Mario Covic.
John Moseley at work in his studio and gallery in the Carlsbad Village Faire. Image courtesy of Mario Covic.
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A Brush with Art: Passion meets purpose at Moseley Fine Art Studio

Artist John Moseley advises, “Don’t wait to be inspired to paint… Paint your way to inspiration.” 

This weekend Moseley hosts the grand opening of Moseley Fine Art Studio and Gallery in the Carlsbad Village Faire where the public is invited to view forty of his original works of art on display.

The California native has spent his life surrounded by nature in the redwood forests, the southern California coastline, and in exotic locations around the world, which has given him a profound appreciation for nature.

Actively supporting nonprofit organizations such as Project Wildlife and the EcoLife Foundation, the avid surfer says, “I consider the ocean to be a great balancer and saving grace for me in my life.”

Having moved to Encinitas with his family at age 13, Moseley reflects, “Some kids want to be firemen or astronauts. Even as a young child I knew I wanted to be an artist when I grew up.”

By age 18 Moseley had established his own business creating signs, designs and illustrations for local businesses.

Many of his familiar wooden signs can still be seen today along Coast Highway 101 in front of establishments such as Captain Keno’s, Leucadia Cyclery, the Kraken, and the original Swami’s Cafe.

A natural entrepreneur, as a young adult Moseley founded companies that produced surf wax and mountain bike clothing. After several years of feeling locked in a corporate existence wondering if he would ever actualize his true calling as a fine artist, he experienced a pivotal moment while surfing with a friend who shared his adventures in Tahiti.

Moseley remembers, “After back from surfing — inspired and still dripping wet — I spontaneously called a travel agent and booked a flight. Five days later I was on a beach in Tahiti with my backpack, my surfboard and my French easel. Within a short time I was staying with a local family, building a hut on their land and surfing and painting every day in paradise.”

However, the idyllic story took a sudden turn one fateful day when Moseley was caught in a rip current as he surfed off the island of Moorea. He recalls, “This became a pure ‘aha’ moment — a moment where I suddenly knew what was precious in life. I realized that although I had been totally letting myself be loved by life, soaking up paradise, the glaring thing that was missing was that I wasn’t sharing my gifts with the world.”

The next day he was on his way back to California vowing to become a serious artist.

That was 15 years ago. He’s been true to his commitment ever since.

Primarily self-taught, Moseley’s eclectic influences include the Italian Renaissance Masters, the French Post-Impressionists and the American Plein-Air painters, while also studying with noted artists in California, France, and Italy. He has traveled to all parts of the globe including the Middle East, Central America, the South Pacific, and Indonesia to surf, paint, and gather inspiration for his artwork.

Although technically exceptional, Moseley considers emotion and feeling to be the most important factor in art, above and beyond technical approach. He says, “My art is the out-picturing of what inspires me and what has meaning for me.”

He adds, “I’ve come somewhat full-circle back to figurative, but in a new and unique way. I feel like I’m finally putting everything I’m inspired by into my work.”

Meet John Moseley Nov. 23, noon to 8 p.m. at the grand opening of Moseley Studio and Gallery in the Carlsbad Village Faire, 300 Carlsbad Village Dr, Suite 105.

To learn more about the artist and art classes visit

Kay Colvin is director of the L Street Fine Art Gallery in San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter, serves as an arts commissioner for the City of Encinitas, and specializes in promoting emerging and mid-career artists. Contact her at [email protected].

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