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Encinitas needs to listen residents
After attending Workshop No. 3 for Leucadia 101 it is evident that the Encinitas city staffers need to learn to listen to those they serve: the people of this town. The overwhelming majority who attended were first-time attendees, packing City Hall to voice their concern that the city is misguided in its vision for Leucadia and reckless in it hiring of consultants pushing for major development. Most outrageous is the proposal to include single lanes and five double-to-single lane roundabouts, which would equate to 12 serious bottlenecks in this 2-mile corridor. The proposed plans are perfectly designed to send overflow traffic through many neighborhood streets. Workshop No. 3 was an obvious wakeup call for everyone. The plans do not address the I-5 overflow, the problems of Leucadia Boulevard at the railroad track, the Vulcan Avenue corridor, nor the safety and quality of life for those who live along these corridors. Perhaps the city staffers can stop pushing the theme of Greek gods and spiritual revivalist, and start looking at a future that’s attainable. FYI: Diana, Vulcan, Neptune, and Jupiter are Roman gods.
Mike Farber

Bilbray needs to work on global warming
I am concerned that our leaders are brushing environmental solutions aside while our firefighters are battling unprecedented wildfires and scientists around the world warn us of catastrophic global warming impacts. We need Rep. Brian Bilbray to support the best science-based solutions to global warming, such as reducing our emissions 80 percent by 2050, and leading the transition from fossil fuels to clean energy like wind and solar.
It is time that we move toward real solutions to global warming. It’s up to our leaders in Congress to take us there. By making cars that go farther on a gallon of gas, investing in clean energy like wind and solar and putting a limit on how much pollution gets dumped into our air, we can protect our homes and the planet.
Jillian Chu
San Diego

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bigger picture December 20, 2008 at 5:12 am

What would create bottle necks are stop signs, not roundabouts. Drive up Leuc. Blvd, Del Mar or Bird Rock. You drive through the roundabouts and stop at the signs. Roundabouts are safer for drivers, walkers, bikes, increase traffic flow even at lower speeds offer landscape beutification and are wiser enviornmentally. One lane going north would allow for the canopy to be restored, increase parking, provide safe bike lanes and allow for a trail on the east side. NCTD is not going to replant trees. All of these issues were brought up when the Specific Plan was drafted and when the public was invited to participate in the design. The city, staff, Peltz and Associates have done a commendable job in taking all these issues into account in the design options.
Don’t be scared. Keep an open mind. It may be different, not bad.

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