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New York author moves to Rancho Santa Fe finds new inspiration with a breast cancer nonprofit

RANCHO SANTA FE — Adrienne Falzon admires the blooming roses around her and the picturesque scenery at the Rancho Santa Fe Library.  Falzon and her family moved to Rancho Santa Fe from New York City last October, and according to her, it’s the best decision she has ever made.

“This all you need as far as I am concerned,” Falzon said.  “Why would you want to go anywhere else?”

While Falzon has written several manuscripts over the years, she decided to ultimately publish one of them a couple of years ago, titled, “What Is An Angel?

Published in 2012, “What Is An Angel?” is an illustrated children’s book. The artistry is done by the regarded Helen M. Salzberg.

The story takes place at Christmastime.

One of the characters, Olivia, an elementary school student, is given the assignment to make angel ornaments for a Christmas tree.

“While she makes these ornaments, she begins to think, ‘What is an angel?’ so she goes home to her Aunt Rose for those answers,” Falzon said.

While the book is geared toward children, Falzon shared, many adults have embraced the book, as well.

Falzon, who was raised Catholic and attended Catholic school through graduate school, has always had a close affinity with angels.

“Although my Catholic education didn’t accentuate angels, we learned a lot about angels as little children, in where we were born with an angel to help guide us through life,” she said

As time pushed on, Falzon started researching the historical beginnings of angels, also referred to as divine helpers in the early Sumerian, Babylonian, Persian, Egyptian and Greek writings. From there, her pathway of learning continued to Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Middle Age philosophers, and of course, the artwork of angels from the catacombs, to the Renaissance, to present day.

When Falzon first moved to Rancho Santa Fe, something caught her attention in a print media story about a nonprofit organization named, Breast Cancer Angels.

“And of course it was the word ‘angels’ that got my attention and I wanted to know what it was about,” she said.

Falzon called the nonprofit and spoke with Caitlin Cutt, the marketing director.

“I told her the reason I was calling was because they called themselves ‘angels’ and that’s my thing.” Falzon said.

After Falzon met with Cutt, she was inspired by Breast Cancer Angels.  Monies raised in a particular city stays in that town to support women “fighting the fight.” They help financially in an array of ways including food programs, housing needs, clothing, medical co-pays, transportation, legal assistance, home healthcare and more.

Falzon wanted to help and she did.

On May 8, Falzon will champion the inaugural “White Rose Luncheon” at the Santaluz Golf Club.  Proceeds from the luncheon will go towards the Breast Cancer Angels San Diego Chapter as well as a percentage of Falzon’s book sales.

“Adrienne has been really generous with her time and willing to allow us to put an event together at her golf club which is really sweet,” said Cutt, adding how Breast Cancer Angels was founded in 2000 and has no overhead costs.

Cutt wants people to know that the White Rose Luncheon is an event in the spirit of Mother’s Day.  For those who have lost their mother, have a sick mother, or have experienced the tragic loss of a child, this luncheon is a day of honor, reflection and a place to process those emotions.

“The angels from Breast Cancer Angels represent guidance, support, and healing,” Falzon said. “So for all of these women who are going through a very difficult time, in so many ways, the angels are right in there helping them along.”

To learn more about Breast Cancer Angels, please visit – White Rose Luncheon tickets may be purchased online through May 4.