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5 Easy Ways To Stay Connected While Out and About This Summer

When out and about this summer, whether you’re on vacation or playing tourist in your own backyard, it’s important to stay connected and make sure your family and home are safe.

Here are five easy ways Cox Communications’ smart home technology and strong internet connection can help do just that.

  • Smart locks. Make sure you locked the door when you left the house. A smart lock will allow you to remotely control doors in your home from your smartphone. Smart lock features through Cox Homelife include voice commands, customized chimes to recognize certain visitors or family members, activity logs, and integration with other smart devices in the home. You can even set up special codes for house sitters, dog walkers, and deliveries.
  • Smart lights. Don’t waste energy or money leaving the indoor or porch light on all day to keep away would-be burglars. Replace existing light bulbs with energy efficient bulbs that can be controlled remotely with a few taps on your smart phone or tablet. Whether you accidentally left the light on before heading out of town, or want to turn the porch light on before arriving home, controlling your home’s lighting has never been easier. As for that four-legged family member – if you’re getting home later than expected, use Cox Homelife’s automation function to turn the living room light on for your pet from the ease of your smartphone.
  • Smart thermostats. Forgot to turn off the a/c before you left home? Or maybe you want the house to be nice and cool when you return? Cox Homelife features programmable thermostats that allow you to remotely turn the air and heat in your home up and down and on and off.
  • Home cameras. The latest models of home monitoring systems allow for remote live video viewing, professional monitoring, video recording, and customizable notifications, allowing you to keep an eye on your home even if you’re not there. Integrate these technologies with Cox Homelife, which enables you to protect, monitor and control your home. Learn more about smart home security and automation at com/homelife.
  • Connected on the Go. Whether you’re on vacation or business, having a San Diego staycation, or out running errands, stay connected with Cox High Speed Internet. Cox internet customers have access to more than 650,000 free Cox and cable Wifi hotspots across the United States, including more than 1,000 throughout San Diego County. Whether you’re in Los Angeles, Washington D.C. or San Diego, just find ‘Cox WiFi’ or ‘CableWiFi’ in your WiFi settings to get connected. If you’re not a Cox internet customer, you can take advantage of a free one-hour trial. Learn more at