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Winners and losers from Super Bowl 56


• City of Los Angeles: As host city, LA did it right, holding the Big Game in a beautiful $5 billion stadium.

• NBC broadcaster Al Michaels called his final Super Bowl. He’s as good as it gets and nobody has done it better.

• Pregame singers: Jhene Aiko sang “America The Beautiful” and Mickey Guyton bolted a laser sharp “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

• Halftime show: Some loved it, others hated it, but Dr. Dre and crew were electric for the mood. A hit!

• Evan McPherson: The Bengals kicker stayed on the field to watch the halftime show. The rookie didn’t need to hear about adjustments. McPherson kicked well on Sunday after watching the entire show.

Eric Weddle: Former San Diego Chargers safety who came out of retirement to play for the Los Angeles Rams. The onetime Escondido resident got his ring and took a shot at the Bolts GM Tom Telesco. Bonus: During the game, Weddle tore his pectoral muscle but played all 61 defensive snaps.

• Rams defense: The Rams defense, led by Aaron Donald and Von Miller, were All-World on Sunday at SoFi, perhaps even All-Universe. This group won the game for Los Angeles.

• Odell Beckham Jr.: The receiver caught the Rams’ first touchdown pass and made his time in LA a masterpiece. This season, OBJ had seven touchdowns in 12 games this season but none bigger than this one. Bonus: Beckham Jr. caught as many touchdowns in 12 games for the Rams as he caught in 29 games with the Cleveland Browns.

• Commercials: Toyota, Lays potato chips and Chevrolet (“The Sopranos”).

• Cooper Kupp: MVP and the biggest name in LA today. Kupp took home more hardware and a ring to go with it.

• Samaria Jefferson: The wife of Rams safety Van Jefferson who gave birth during the game — from SoFi to the hospital to real life. Talk about delivering in the clutch.

• Matthew Stafford: Stafford wins his first Super Bowl in his debut season with the Rams. By all accounts, he’s a great husband and “Girl Dad.” It’s hard not to root for this guy who took care of his wife Kelly when she had a brain tumor —even his old fans in Detroit were happy for him.

• Viewers: 101.1 million tuned in to watch this classic game on NBC, 11.3 million watched it live stream and 1.9 million Spanish speakers watched the game on Telemundo.

• Super Bowl LVI: The biggest betting in NFL history with 30 million bettors for Sunday’s game (totals not yet available). By comparison, just 7.6 billion bet in last year’s Super Bowl LV. 


• City of St. Louis: But they did win their lawsuit against the NFL.

• NBC: Misidentified graphics of both female pregame singers. Jhene Aiko sang “America the Beautiful” and country artist Mickey Guyton sang the national anthem. Hey NBC? Who’s on first? Just a horrible mistake. Both performers were A+!

• Los Angeles Chargers watching the Rams win the Super Bowl in their shared stadium.

• Officiating: The biggest game of the year and these zebras missed more than one call or penalty.

• Bengals O-Line: Bad is being nice. These guys were horrible, allowing QB Joe Burrow to get sacked seven times. Bonus: Burrows was sacked 19 times in the postseason.

• 90% of the commercials. For real.

• Odell Beckham Jr. injured himself and never returned after scoring the game’s first touchdown.

• The nearby residents of Inglewood who were blasted all week with Bon Jovi’s “Living on a Prayer” during rehearsals for the halftime show to preserve the order of music and playlists.

• The NFL fans who are priced out of Super Bowl tickets. And we won’t even talk about parking prices.

• Injured Bengals cornerback Vernon Hargreaves, who ran onto the field in his street clothes to celebrate a first-half interception, a move that cost his team a penalty.

• The other 30 NFL teams who didn’t make it.

• The Rock’s “Delay of Game.” Who at NBC thought this was a grand idea? Felt like the WWF… putrid.

• Kanye and Antonio Brown are simply two peas out of touch.

• The bouncing QR code in a cryptocurrency commercial. $5.5 million for 60 seconds. What is this?

• Mattress Mack losing $9.5 million dollars on Super Bowl bets. Mack should have tuned into our radio show.

• Chickens … 1.4 billion chicken wings consumed.

• Dean Spanos: But you knew that. Now the Chargers will never win over Los Angeles. Look for him to sell soon.