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Why I am voting no on Measure F

Measure F is not about compassionate use of marijuana for seriously ill patients; it is about profiteering. State law already allows for the closed network exchange of marijuana between a patient and a caregiver who has “…consistently assumed responsibility for the housing, health and safety of the patient” (Attorney General Guidelines). It does not allow for the retail sale of marijuana from a storefront.

Measure F would allow up to seven marijuana storefronts in Encinitas, making Encinitas the pot destination for North County; all nine neighboring cities have banned them because of the negative consequences they have experienced. This includes Del Mar and Solana Beach who voted against marijuana storefront measures in 2012.

Measure F falls extremely short of protecting Encinitas and its youth.  Measure F would allow marijuana storefronts 600 feet away from areas where children play or go to school, and 1000 feet away from each other, creating a marijuana storefront district. Security equipment is necessary since marijuana storefronts are a magnet for illicit drug users and robberies.

Measure F will not bring extra revenue to Encinitas. City attorneys’ impact analyses state that the Measure F’s proposed 2.5 percent additional sales tax can’t happen because it violates state tax law. Furthermore Encinitas will incur substantial costs, from public safety to court expenses, trying to regulate these marijuana storefronts.

Marijuana storefronts have been crime magnets because they have ready cash and an easy product to steal. San Diego has tried unsuccessfully to regulate pot shops but it is a lawless business.

San Diego data indicates census tracts with marijuana storefronts have twice as many property and violent crimes as census tracts without them.

Measure F was brought forward by well-paid signature gatherers and an association of marijuana storefronts owners, not patients.

Californians know what marijuana storefronts really are all about; they don’t want them. State Proposition 19 to legalize marijuana was defeated in 2012. The California Supreme Court says Counties and Cities can ban marijuana storefronts, and 85 percent of Counties and Cities have, including Encinitas.

At the Sept. 10, 2014 council meeting the council voted unanimously to take an official position of opposition to Measure F.

Encinitas’ Measure F is not good for children, public safety or business.  Join me in voting NO on Measure F.

Teresa Arballo Barth is a councilmember and former mayor of the city of Encinitas


PoPo October 22, 2014 at 10:36 am

Measure F requires the storefronts to be registered with CA as a non-profit entity. So why make the claim about profit? Pharmaceutical companies are about what?? The cure? Yeah right.

Youths are already getting MJ elsewhere. If regulated stores are opened, it will be harder to get. Can kids get alcohol? Cigarettes?

And what studies do you base your claims of increased crime around dispensaries? Because here’s an actual study that finds no link between the two. Crime actually dropped in these areas…

And btw, San Diego has made the move to regulate and has already given a place a permit to operate while all other shops open illegally are being shut down.

Banks, supermarkets, and any other store for that matter makes them a target because of goods and money being kept there. Ban them too? That argument has no ground.

We VOTED this in almost 20 years ago (1996). Why are the voters not getting what we voted for???

J Hawkes October 22, 2014 at 9:13 am

I am surprised Billy Bob that you would vote “Yes” on prop F. If it passes not only with you have the drunk and disorderly in your neighborhood you will have increased crime (proven statistic) as well as many drug users in your neighborhood. Seems to me it will make a bad situation worse.

You come up with a Prop that will stop party busses, people pissing in your backyard, or noisy evenings after 10PM, a Deemed Approved Ordinance and I will vote for it! That sounds like a great idea.

Billy Bob October 16, 2014 at 9:48 am

I don’t have an opinion one way or the other about Prop. F, although I will vote for it. However, the hypocrisy of Ms. Barth astounds me. She is quite willing to let the many bars in Encinitas have a free pass on noise, having patrons being drunk and disorderly, and even going so far as to have the Encinitas Planning Staff hold an event at one of the bars to promote the Housing Element. There is no regulation of these bars, even though people living near them have asked, asked, and asked again. The Fire Marshall herself says he gives them warnings but not one citation has been given. The only place in town that has been shut down was shut down by the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board for 3 violations of serving to underage minors.

Of course, Ms. Barth is only one of 5 City Council members. The other 4 look the other way as well. You don’t want medical marijuana sold. Fine. I don’t want party busses, people pissing in my backyard, or noisy evenings after 10PM. I would like a Deemed Approved Ordinance and I would like it now. Will I get my way? No! And it won’t go to a vote. Do we have to have an initiative to get any of this Council moving on anything. Seems like it.

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