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Our two-hour intensives can help your child pay attention longer, process information faster and comprehend what they're reading. Courtesy photo
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Use summer break to give your child a better start for the new school year

Encinitas Learning Center offers intensive training

These daily sessions help build important skills so that we see significant changes in weeks – up to 1.5 years’ growth!

How can that happen? Processing skills work in two ways; how fast one can take in information and how fast the brain can retrieve knowledge to answer questions in a timely way. The training we provide speeds everything up, and once the brain gets to a new “set point” for processing speed, it never returns to the old sluggish way that was the obstacle to learning.

Summer break is coming, are you excited or feeling a little stressed out about having your child at home, not making progress? No matter how long your summer break is, being out of school (and out of their routine) can cause lags. Our two-hour intensives can help you add structure and routine to your child’s day, while helping them pay attention longer, process information faster, and comprehend what they’re reading!

Early Bird Sign-ups end on May 31, and we have a limited number of slots already filling up! Avoid the waitlist and CALL 760-634-6886 to secure your spot! Go ahead, give your child the gift of confidence this year and breathe a little easier over summer break!

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