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The perfect cocktail glass? Photo by Ryan Woldt
My favorite cocktail glass of all time I bought at a thrift shop. Photo by Ryan Woldt
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The search continues for the perfect cocktail glass

I had a cocktail glass…err, let me rephrase that. I’ve had many cocktail glasses. Let me rephrase again. I have a cocktail glass now that looks fantastic and vintage despite being recently purchased. It’s fine. It reflects light through the pattern on the glass in a cool way. Previously, it was on the shelf as a tea-light candle holder.* I have a cocktail glass, and it is fine.

Honestly, it’s a little bit too small in my hand, the weight isn’t right, and the glass doesn’t have the same precision as my other favorite cocktail glasses. So, when it comes to glassware, I’m a bit particular, but only because I care.

I’m loyal to a fault when I commit to a cocktail glass. It becomes part of my hand at happy hour. If it is dirty, I wash it. The weight of it in my hand eases any anxieties I may have accumulated throughout the day. Ice thumps comfortably against the side walls, which will echo the cracking across the cube when pouring my preferred alcohol over the top.

There are rules about glasses. Professional bartenders make sure to serve martinis in Martini glasses; whiskey in a rocks glass; wine in a wine glass; a Mule in a copper mug, and a Collins in a highball. But since I’ve retired from slangin’ drinks (as the kids say), everything I drink gets poured into the same glass.

My current cocktail glass. Photo by Ryan Woldt
My current all-purpose cocktail glass. Photo by Ryan Woldt

My favorite cocktail glass of all time had a horse on it. It was a thrift store find, and the base was thick glass. It had a heft that tempted me to throw it against the wall like I was a black-hatted cowboy in an old western film, but I would never. Sadly, it slipped from my grasp during a washing session. The American Saddle Horse (glass) would ride no more.

Then for a time, I was obsessed with Mason jars. Besides being available in various sizes and shapes, the screwtop lids came in handy when traveling to the beach for sunset. Not to mention many had convenient marks on the side, making mixing a cocktail easier.

I’m a believer that the right cocktail glass finds me. A type of magic occurs when I pick up the right glass for the first time — I just know. So, for now, I’ll make do with the tea-light glass or, in a pinch, a leftover jar of Bonne Maman fruit preserves with a red-white checkered lid. The search continues.

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*Shout out to my wife for thinking outside the box.