smoking ban

Oceanside smoking ban fails

OCEANSIDE — Bar and restaurant patio smoking will remain at the discretion of business owners, after the ordinance to ban patio smoking did not receive a motion for City Council to vote on it June 26.

Council reaches compromise on smoking ban laws

OCEANSIDE — City Council discussion on the wording of an amendment to ban smoking at bar and restaurant patios moved Mayor Jim Wood to leave the June 5 meeting before council reached a compromise.

City looks to ban restaurant patio smoking

City looks to ban restaurant patio smoking

OCEANSIDE — City Council took the first step to ban bar and restaurant patio smoking by directing the city attorney to draft a no smoking ordinance on May 1, which will be brought back to council for a final vote.

Carlsbad prohibits smoking in unenclosed areas

CARLSBAD — City Council unanimously agreed to amend the Carlsbad Municipal Code that will prohibit outdoor diners from lighting up their cigarettes at restaurant patios and sidewalk cafes.