Eye Spy

How to collect after judgment: Part 2

At some point my client and his wife realized that the money given to the decorator was not being used for its intended purpose — furniture, accessories, etc.

Luck helps in missing persons cases

Missing person cases are seemingly a common assignment for P.I.’s, but truthfully, they’re not. In fact, I’d be surprised if half of the P.I.’s even knew where to start, unless they had law-enforcement training, particularly with the F.B.I.

Ounce of prevention worth pound of cure

The spy or private investigator profession constantly challenges us with new case objectives that carry no protocol or standard operating procedure (S.O.P.) for achieving its success. Over the years, I have had my fair share of cases where the circumstances were far from routine and in order to satisfy my client, a great deal of […]

Exaggerating on claims crosses moral boundaries

Most private investigators, at one time or another, have investigated fraudulent workers compensation claims and in fact, many train on that type of work, as these claims always seem to be in good supply. Much of my earlier experience involved insurance claims and my biggest client in my early days was a large insurance defense […]

When an accident is an accident

In a previous column, I wrote about fake and fraudulent claims that people make against insurance carriers; those that we usually uncover during an investigation. A red flag usually pops up sometime during the adjuster’s examination and then we get the call.  In this case, where the claim amount is in the millions of dollars, […]