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Deepak Chopra considers Jean Houston one of the world’s most important teachers of Human Potentiality. She is speaking this weekend at Seaside Center for Spiritual Living. Photo courtesy Jean Houston
Soul on Fire

Soul on Fire: Jean Houston — the launch of spiritual heroes and heroines

What kind of world would you be living in if you were tapping into your full potentiality, unfettered by the conditioning of the smaller story you’ve been telling yourself?

Renowned psychologist and theologian Dr. Jean Houston will be giving a glimpse of what that world could look like when she takes her audience on a journey beyond limited cultural and familial programming into the larger potential each of us carries — if only we will expand our awareness and answer “The Call.”

Author of at least 30 books on human potential, this ambassador and consultant to presidents and United Nations leaders is a faculty member of The Chopra Center, and a regular guest on “Oprah,” and has pioneered the Human Potential Movement globally.

In high demand and also highly regarded and celebrated worldwide, this sage and futurist has inspired in over 108 countries and is hosting an evening lecture and weekend workshop on Nov. 1 to Nov. 3 at Seaside Center for Spiritual Living. Tickets can be purchased online at

Offering a powerful, not-to-be-missed program, Houston strives to teach people how to lead a more spiritual life by entering into the “spiritual center” of our very being. Taking students and listeners into guided visualizations that create changes can alter the states of consciousness people get stuck in because of their conditioning growing up, from family situations to engrained belief systems that create thinking that you “may not be good enough,” or “who are you to play big in life.”

Dr. Houston invites listeners to step outside the small self and the even smaller story we tend to tell ourselves, and fully connect into this life we’ve been blessed to experience with a larger identity — one without the stories and conditioning that keeps us limited and from living in our innate creative force capability. She intrigues participants to wake up to the fact that the time is now to find and live your soul’s calling — your divine purpose in life.

Pointing out that we are currently in challenging times with pressing environmental concerns, strains in politics, dilemmas in caring for aging parents for example — those are just a few of the daily stresses that require us to push out of our comfort zones and become better versions of ourselves. Instead of putting the blanket over our head and thinking that someone else will handle these problems, Houston challenges us to come to the realization that we as humans are all in this together, and that if we create the mind space around the exponential possibilities that are at our command, we can create larger opportunities to work together and realize the true identities of our human beingness. Reminding us that the time is now to level up to the highest version of ourselves — the larger version of ourselves — we can create a more meaningful life, rich with opportunities that will benefit ourselves and the world at large. 

Think of recent history with Standing Rock. People came out from all over the world to participate in something larger than themselves, something so meaningful that they went way out of their comfort zones like never before to create a transition point, with a deep knowledge of what they were standing for against all odds and doing whatever it took to solve the problems in a different way. Think Greta Thunberg and her bold heroic stand for global climate change. She is personifying the Albert Einstein quote, “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” Houston is inspiring us all to wake up and take a stand for what’s important to us. We all have a calling, whether it’s climate change, elder care, politics; we cannot rely on traditional ways of problem-solving or the belief that its someone else’s job to be the spokesperson to life’s current problems.

A pioneer of the Human Potential movement, self-proclaimed evocateur of the possible and global midwife of souls, and dubbed  “one of the most important personal growth teachers in the world today” by Deepak Chopra, Houston has dedicated her life to teaching the world that there is so much more to us when we activate and fall in love with all we are capable of when we strive to find new ways to approach life. Described as going from only seeing black and white to living color, audience members are invited to step into their fullness now. That for the first time in history we as human beings have been connected as a living organism and a new level of capacity for living as our true and highest self is creating a collective awareness that is enlisting many people and using one voice. Can you hear it?

Instead of fighting against situations that threaten our stability, we can fight for a new level of creativity that can take the human self to the deepest part of our nature — to the spirit of the God within us, or “apotheosis,” with courage, resiliency, creativity, and imagination that opens us up to the source of who we are — and answers the perpetual question of why are we here.

This weekend’s discussion and workshop promise to inspire us to live at a new level and will inspire a new way of thinking that uses a collective vision in our consciousness to create a larger story. One that is needing to be born in today’s world. Teaching us that together we can find a meeting ground that is respectful, dignified and in balance, we can co-create the qualities in ourselves and empower others to make this world a better place for the human race and future generations. How powerful it will be when these innate human qualities are awakened and when we realize that we had it inside us all along — finding that together we can thrive, not just survive. I invite you to carve time out for this weekend’s powerful and once in a lifetime event.