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Brahman Kyrie
Brahman Kyrie ministers to those in prison, a fate that might have been hers when she was involved with underworld gangs in her younger years. Courtesy photo
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Soul on Fire: Bringing a message of love, forgiveness to area prisons

This column is about enlightenment and the roads traveled to get there.

Suppose you are lucky enough to come into contact with someone who has dedicated their life to a path of devotion to God and service to humanity. In that case, you get a peek at Divinity and the opportunity to develop more of your own.

There is such a light walking the path among us along the North County coast. Her name is Brahman Kyrie (BK), and if you’ve ever come into contact with her, then you know. This loving soul is on fire for God, animals, and the disenfranchised. The humanitarian causes nobody else likes to do, let alone talk about — like people in prison.

I’ve touched upon our social justice system and the need to reform in a past article, but what are we really doing to see that this happens?

Somebody else will do it, we think. But we are the “somebody else,” and BK is at the helm of some pretty fantastic local programs that I’d like to share with the readership.

An unbelievable story comes from this petite vibrant flower of a powerhouse woman devoted to God. Australian underworld gang involvement and some brushes with the law before she became clean and sober 14 years ago, for example.

You would never guess it about her, but before she surrendered her will and her life to a power bigger than herself, she was a straight-up gangster. Now she’s a spiritual gangster.

Following the lead of her higher powers voice, she entered a spiritual school in Australia. She discovered devotion and Sri Sakthi Amma’s spiritual teachings — not the hugging saint — but those of an avatar of our time. I’ll let BK talk to you about that if you are interested or visit her website at for more info on that.

Here’s the thing: Our life is made up of our consciousness. And if you think you are a gangster, you pretty much create that life to match your consciousness. People who fill up our prison systems are those who may have gotten on that same dark path and found themselves tangled in the legal system and landed in jail. They believe they are their crime, their affiliation, or gang.

BK is going into Donovan men’s prison in San Diego and bringing a message of love and forgiveness. She is bringing these men to a place of acceptance, making amends to their victims, and connecting them to the divine that resides in each and every one of us if we only come into contact with that place.

Into conscious contact. Our prison system is being impacted in positive ways through meditation, discussion, healing, music, and other programs introduced through Brahman Kyrie’s program.

This work is pivotal for those serving their time, learning a different way, and preparation for re-entry into society a changed soul. BK calls it PFIFER — Prison Freedom Initiative for Expansion and Rehabilitation.

The work is undeniably essential if we are to make the world a better place. It’s the perfect place to start. Prison reform should be just that. It is reforming the prisoner to make re-entry into society as a better version of themselves.

This kind of ground-level service work ignites and inspires and loops in The Brahman Project work with animals, as animals’ interaction and care can soften and heal hearts as well.

The meditation, mantra, and mala program provides mala meditation beads for each prisoner blessed by Amma. A mural project that will paint the sullen gray walls a bright white and other beautification projects will bring grass areas to concrete.

These changes can brighten the outlook of the hardened and help facilitate healing on a soul level. A tattoo removal program has also been introduced.

These are life-changing impacts. What an incredible example of what one person’s passion work can do for the world when following their soul’s calling.

I’m proud to know this beam of exquisite love and light, Brahman Kyrie. Check out her programs and see if getting involved calls you. It could set your soul on fire.