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Soul on Fire

Soul on Fire: Be the change you want to see in the world

I have been enjoying the daily Leslie Jordon Instagram posts, where he starts with a colorful opening. Like him, I have no idea even what day it is lately. I’m thoroughly enjoying shelter in place, only because deep down, I’m actually an introvert. I’m blessed. I know that. That’s not to say I don’t have empathy for people who are struggling with this pandemic on many levels: unemployment, uncertainty, stress. I’m sure it can get bad, and it may get worse. I can’t imagine going through my life without my higher power or God-consciousness. It wasn’t always a priority, but it sure is now more than ever. I seek God first through prayer and meditation every day and let Spirit guide me and take in life on life’s terms. Without resistance. And it isn’t any different from any other day. We never “knew.”

As for me, I was always self-employed. One thing I did know was if I didn’t get out of bed in the morning, nothing would happen. If I didn’t do the inner work necessary to up my vibe to go out and take on an industry that is hugely competitive, real estate, then baby doesn’t get new shoes. My perspective hasn’t changed. It’s a practice and a mindset for me. It’s my spiritual practice. I’m a Spiritual Realtor, after all. What is for me will be coming to me, so I don’t worry. I know whatever happens will be for my greater good. And that’s what I want to talk about in today’s column. How to train your mind to see the positive in all of life’s circumstances. How to accept life on life’s terms. And shine. Because practice time is over. Boot camp is complete. The training wheels are coming off. It’s time to implement these practices and bring them out into the world and your everyday experiences. It’s time to realize your life’s real purpose.

All the new thought gurus have boiled down these types of revelations into bite-sized portions, and if you sit with these thoughts, you will see a marked change in how you perceive the world around you. The one you create with your own thinking. The one that results in the out-picturing of how you show up in life. And how your life shows up to you.

How about this quote from Eckhart Tolle, author of the “Power of Now” and “A New Earth.” “Anything that the present offers you, accept it as if you chose it. Work with what you have, not against it.” He reminds us that we have two options: accept and value your present or live in a constant struggle against it. Pretty basic premise. But how often do we fight with life and the people in it? This lockdown (actually it’s a stay-at-home order) situation is a perfect example. Some people got themselves arrested for protesting (in close proximity groups) and were demanding that the beaches be opened. Hmmm. It seems funny to fight on a Friday when it was announced that most would be open on a Monday, but by all means, exercise your rights and freedoms — except when to do so would harm or injure others. And I guess that’s the point.

Does the virus give us an option for a date or timeline when this should happen? I think not. Will fighting against something that we do not know the least thing about make it change any faster? It seems that if we had heeded the order to social distance and use the precautionary measures demonstrated by countries that have already gone through it from the start, we might have gotten free of lockdown sooner. But we resist. And what we resist, persists. Does your “right” to go out override the overall good of society and the world at large?

Everything we do has a ripple effect. Every action we take. Every thought we have. Taking this idea beyond the virus, how do you show up in life? How can you show up with more love? How can you show up and be kinder? How can you heal yourself more so that when you do show up, it isn’t with judgment, bitterness, disdain, selfishness, and self-centeredness to your fellow man? If this pandemic showed us anything, it is that all we have is this moment. God isn’t in the past and is not in the thought of the future. God is here now. You are here now. That’s it.

This is the time to be the change you want to see in the world. And what is it you want to see? Can you see the possibility that if the current world system broke down there may be something better on the other side? Old ideas won’t open new doors.

A forest fire brings new life forms after the devastation that would never have been there. A diamond was once a lump of coal under pressure. A pearl starts as an irritant in the oyster. A caterpillar is literally destroyed before the transformation into a butterfly. Something beautiful always emerges. We might not see it right away, but it’s always good. Because it’s all God. Maybe it’s how I set my mind and consciousness now through my schooling in Divinity and daily practices of prayer and meditation, which are my go-to vehicles for coming into contact with my higher power. Mindfulness and acts of service allow me to see all the good in this current situation. I’ve taken you to most of these kinds of places that inspire this kind of thought and visited people on this same path this past year.

This column is called Soul on Fire, North County’s Quest for Enlightenment, after all. Is that the enlightenment we’ve been seeking? Being happy in the moment? Knowing the Universe has your back if you only align to the available good? It may be the culmination of all the landmarks and spiritual teachers we have visited in this column and throughout your life. Your own quest. The seeking, the looking outside of ourselves, is over now. We have been called to go within. Where the Kingdom of Heaven really resides. Have you looked there yet? That’s how you “Be the Change.” You BE the change. Now. This is the Great Awakening, not the pandemic. We are the pioneers of what will be. The chosen ones who can bring in the force of Love that will change this planet. Do you hear the calling?