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Social media post claims ‘gun squad’ to quell Carlsbad ‘riot’

CARLSBAD — An investigation was underway today into a social media posting in which a young man claims to be putting together a “gun squad” to attack anyone taking part in “looting and anarchy” during police brutality protests in Carlsbad.

“Come with guns,” the unidentified man says in the video while pacing around shirtless, apparently in a bedroom or home office. “Come with Mace. Come with batons — whatever the (expletive) you got. Anyone who tries to break into a store, watch them (expletive) suffer. Let’s (expletive) go!”

Late this morning, the Carlsbad Police Department announced that it was looking into the online posting.

“Thank you to all who have reported to us (the) video and messaging encouraging violence toward protestors,” the agency stated on Twitter. “We are actively investigating. We take all threats of violence seriously and violence of any sort will not be tolerated.”

The man in the video, claiming that a three-day demonstration is scheduled to begin in Carlsbad this weekend and is “probably gonna turn into a riot,” boasts that he has coordinated with police in his supposed plan to protect the coastal city and that “veterans” have agreed to join in the planned crackdown.

“Got some good news,” he says. “Anyone who’s down, who (wants) to join this gun squad … (for) protecting the city, let me know.”

A text statement that precedes the video reads, in part: “If I see looting and anarchy I will pull triggers. Terrorists are now outnumbering police.”