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Roundabout triangle traffic sign on nature background. Stock photo
Roundabout triangle traffic sign on nature background. Stock photo
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RSF Association prepares community-wide survey

RANCHO SANTA FE — At a recent board meeting, the RSF Association unanimously agreed to send out a community-wide survey to all property owners. Fred Wasserman, the Association’s new director, offered up the resolution.

On the heels of this resolution was a petition signed by a few hundred residents asking the Association to reconsider its decision of choosing traffic signals over roundabouts along the Paseo Delicias/Del Dios Highway. The potential locations are at the intersections of El Camino del Norte, La Valle Plateada/El Montevideo and Via de la Valle.

Before spelling out the details of the resolution, president of the RSF Association Ann Boon, said the county and Association began studying roundabouts in an effort to improve traffic flow safety along the Paseo Delicias/Del Dios Highway corridor about 12 years ago.

Following some chronological history, Boon then handed the microphone over to Wasserman. He wanted to put a resolution on the board table which underscored that a survey be sent to property owners in the Covenant who pay assessments to the Association. The survey would ask individuals whether they want traffic signals or roundabouts.

Enclosed in the survey, Wasserman suggested, there would be summaries available in the survey for both traffic signals and roundabouts.

“Staff would prepare the summaries to accompany the survey form so that there would be consistency in terms of presentation,” he said.

Additionally, links to the Association’s website was also recommended for further descriptions.

Wasserman clearly explained that this survey was not a vote for Association members.  The reason it was not a vote for Association members, he said, is because there are about 300 people who live in the Covenant who pay assessments to the Association who are not registered to vote.

“But they are property owners, and they’re entitled to participate in the survey,” Wasserman said. “The survey is being requested by the county of San Diego to assist them in finalizing the decision on which alternative to choose. So that’s the resolution.”

More than 15 members requested to take part in the public comment section. Association Manager Bill Overton directed members to specifically speak about the resolution and not if they were in favor of roundabouts or traffic signals.

Moreover, Overton pointed out that an upcoming meeting, to be determined in the near future, would have a county representative present to discuss roundabouts and traffic signals and be available for questions for Covenant property owners.

Following this meeting, staff would glean more informational details for the community survey.

While the board did make a decision on traffic signals, which was now amended to a community survey, Boon said she didn’t mind being second-guessed and questioned in public for their previous choice.

“It comes with the territory,” Boon said. “And I don’t think it serves the community well for us to go on months and months when we have lots of other issues to deal with.”

Boon pointed out in the interest of fairness it was time to move forward so everyone could weigh in on the issue once and for all for the county.