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Rowe elementary, middle school students perform ‘very well’ on standardized tests

RANCHO SANTA FE — Results have been tallied for the 2016-17 California Assessment of Student Performance Smarter Balanced tests, standardized exams intended to gauge student performance in meeting new state education standards.

In English and language arts, 87 percent of third- to fifth-graders at R. Roger Rowe Elementary either met or exceeded minimum standards as compared to 53 percent in San Diego County and 49 percent in the state as a whole. In math, 84 percent of R. Roger Rowe Elementary students met or exceeded standards compared with 48 percent in the county as a whole and 40 percent in the state.

At R. Roger Rowe Middle School, 88 percent of sixth- to eighth-graders met or exceeded minimum standards in English and language arts compared to 49 percent in both the county and the state. In math, 82 percent of R. Roger Rowe middle school students met or exceeded standards compared to 49 percent in the county and 37 percent in the state.

“For the past three years, as part of a new accountability system for the state, our students have historically performed very well, and they will continue to do so,” Rancho Santa Fe School District Superintendent David Jaffe said.

Jaffe said people should know that the evaluation of these tests is more than looking at the final numbers. The scores should be individualized for each student, he said. It serves as a gauge, particularly in the different subject area(s) every year with the exam. It’s one of the many tools utilized for students, he said.

“We will have three years’ worth of data so what that means is that you can look at a third-grader, who goes to fourth grade, and then fifth grade and look at their scores to determine their progress,” Jaffe said. “The one thing I would say about any test like that, however, is it’s only one measure of a student’s performance. In order to get the full understanding of the students’ progress in school and academic subjects, you have to look at multiple measures.”

Jaffe said R. Roger Rowe students always perform at a high level.

He attributes this to outstanding teachers who work with the kids. Students come to school with various levels of support including their teachers and families, he said.

While these tests are only one measure, Jaffe’s focus is on how to navigate students to flourish even more.

“That’s the challenge in all of this is to get a student from wherever they are when they start school each year and getting them to grow,” he said. “What type of resources can we provide even to the student that is really in the highest end in performing — how do we continue to have that student grow as well?”