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Primary election on Tuesday … finally

Voters are bushed
For at least a coppla weeks after Tuesday folks will be free of being bombarded with campaign rhetoric then it will start all over again in advance of the November election. From all indications with higher intensity. Experience and longevity in office are now liabilities and no longer assets. Ditto for party affiliation. Independents are front and center. Elections have a new face, or more correctly — faces
UCSD trolley
Sometime after 2015 students may be able to board a trolley in the Old Town station and ride it to La Jolla’s UCSD campus. Other riders can go to Scripps Memorial Hospital or shop at UTC. San Diego Assn. of Governments has unveiled a $1.2 billion plan to be funded by the feds, and state’s TransNet tax fund. Metro Transit District would operate it and SANDAG would build it.
CalPERS asks for $700 mil. handout
California Public Employees Retirement System, or CalPERS, had its mitts out for a multimillion dollar handout but shortly afterward withdrew its request and for good reason. It’s been in the news for handing out millions of dollars in salaries, bonuses and commissions to top echelon administrators. Folks are suggesting a total overhaul of these hanky panks is overdue.
More study
The proposed Gregory Canyon landfill that has been studied to the utmost in the last 10 years has been requested by the Army Corps of Engineers to provide yet another overview. A public meeting held June 3 in San Marcos was for the purpose of getting input on what to study. Sounds like a terrible waste of taxpayers’ money and time.
Two-tier pension system
C’bad is the first city in the county to establish a two-tier pension system for firefighters and police. It also will reduce some benefits for new hires, who will receive 2 percent instead of 3 percent for every year of service when they retire at 50 years of age. Every city is looking at doing something about pensions but C’bad has done it.
Less train noise
When 52 trains toot their horn as they pass through the Surfside City, including one in the wee hours of the ayem, they create a No. 1 noise problem. Hershell Price is leading an effort to raise cash to have a wayside horn installed at the Coast Boulevard crossing. He has been pushing for a solution since 2000 when he arranged for a wayside horn demonstration. At the time it was out of the question financially but now it appears to be doable.
The Flower Capital city is in line for a demonstration there thanx to the efforts of Councilwoman Teresa Barth who has been promoting at-grade crossings instead of underground pedestrian tunnels.
Ranch looks at undergrounding
Property owners who live within the Rancho Santa Fe Covenant have received information on undergrounding public utilities and are moving ahead with such a possibility. As an initial step there would be 39 districts and each one would decide whether to agree to a property assessment to cover costs. District residents have to submit a request for an assessment study. Residents in two Surfside City districts recently nixed undergrounding after learning what these costs would be based on individual benefits.
“Eye on the Coast” does not respond to anonymous messages so senders can save their postage and it’s not really anonymous when the sender’s DNA is all over the envelope.
Pancake breakfast & garage sale
Olivenhain Town Council has scheduled its annual pancake breakfast June 12 at the Meeting Hall from 8 to 11 ayem. This year it includes a garage sale and folks are being encouraged to display their no-longer-used stuff that could be just the thing someone else can use. For pancakes and all the goodies on the side, kids under 3 can enjoy them for free; those up to 10 years of age will pay $3; and folks 11 years of age and up will pay a modest five bux. Proceeds will be divided 50-50 between the council and Encinitas Fire Dept.
City to acquire Legion Hall
Acting on the recommendation of its redevelopment agency, Vista has moved to purchase the building occupied by the American Legion post on Santa Fe Avenue for a reported 640 grand. It is one of several purchases in that area recently. Total investment now is reported to be in the neighborhood of $32 mil. Revenue is derived from a modest sales tax hike a coppla years ago.
Interim now permanent
Jim Peabody, Julian high school superintendent until the end of the month, has been hired full time in a similar capacity by Del Mar Union School District. He replaces Sharon McClain. In addition to keeping smiling faces on kids, Peabody will have to please a board of trustees that likes to be involved in the daily operations of the district.
Year-round ticket
22nd District Agricultural Association is offering a year-round admission ticket to all of its sponsored events for $99 bux. These include the County Fair from June 11 to July 5; every day at the races; Scream Zone; Holiday of Lights; and Surfside Race Place satellite wagering. Proceeds are for the Don Diego Scholarship fund. Such a deal!
Seals future
Harbor City has a lot to worry about on its plate not the least being how to deal with the seals that have taken over a portion of Children’s Pool in La Jolla cove. The city recently took down a rope barrier separating kids and mammals but has learned that’s not OK.
Jim Lischer, who has saved swimmers from drowning on Surfside City beaches for nearly four decades, has retired … Folks are saying the golf course presentation at a recent Flower Capital council meeting was so lacking in financial information it would have made a hilarious skit on Jay Leno’s show … Former Long Beach Police Commander Gary Morrison has been appointed C’bad chief … Polls show the marijuana issue to be voted on in November is even money … Didja know the electric giants were among the major financial backers in the so-called right-to-vote ballot measure primarily to limit competition? … Solbeach has restored security patrol services … No surprise that, according to studies, four out of five folks lack trust in their government … Alzheimers Assn. in Rancho recently held an Un-Gala bash where attendees were encouraged to dress down instead of up.
Hasta la Vista