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Pension plan draws wide interest

Taking action
City electeds throughout the county and all parts are showing lottsa interest in Solbeach’s announced employee pension reform plan that basically has hires contributing more toward their retirement plans and provides less benefits for new hires. As more workers claim benefits and live longer the strain on the budget has reached unprecedented heights. Solbeach gave it lottsa study then came up with a plan agreed to by the majority of its workers. It’s now receiving deserved accolades.
Conflict of interest?
Town talk in the Flower Capital is whether the mayor failed to disclose his financial interest in an issue on a recent agenda that he voted in favor of. Involves kitchen stuff he obtained from Aztec Appliances at a rather cheap rate. Owner of the store sez other residents also received near free prices for damaged or out of stock stuff. The difference of course is they aren’t electeds who vote on agenda items.
Plastic bag ban stymied
State lawmakers surprised a lotta folks when they turned down a bill that would have banned carry out plastic bags used at markets and other stores. It was seven Senate votes short of a majority. Likely the issue will resurface in 2012.
Independent voters showing strength
While the local GOP may be celebrating becuz it has regained the No. 1 spot in county voters registered, the independents at 23 percent of the electorate are the ones to watch. How they cast their ballots will make the difference in a lotta races and issues. The GOP in a recent count by the Registrar of Voters had 511,655 registered compared with 508,305 for Democrats. Independents numbered 325,331. No small number.
Lima bean pie?
Well maybe not, but there will be a lotta lima bean creations at the San Dieguito Heritage Museum Lima Bean Faire from Sept. 24 to Sept. 26 including a talent show, cook-off, follies and a variety of displays. You hear it said frequently — there’s something for everyone. Info is available by calling (760) 632-9711 or (760) 753-6086.
Poll workers needed
County Registrar of Voters sez it needs volunteers to work the Nov. 2 election. Bilingual skills are in demand but not a requirement. Good opportunity for meeting local residents and making new friends. Buzz (858) 565-5800 for more info.
Candidate forums
In the Flower Capital you can get a good handle on where your council candidates stand on the issues. Olivenhain Town council has scheduled its forum for 7 p.m. Oct. 6 in the Meeting Hall. North County League of Women Voters will moderate one that will be sponsored by New Encinitas Business Network from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Oct. 7 at Grauer School, 1500 S. El Camino Real. If you don’t catch these, Leucadia Town council has its forum 6 p.m. Oct. 12 in the Encinitas Library Community Room.
OC fairgrounds sale
Disposal by the state of the Orange County Fairgrounds in Costa Mesa remains unresolved when it appeared it had been decided that the city would take it over and lease it out to a commercial interest. It’s been a highly debated issue with scads of residents wanting to know who may be involved and whether there’s a future for the fair on the site. Meanwhile, Assemblyman Jose Solorio sez he wants assurance it will be a good deal for the public. In the Surfside City, electeds are showing interest in buying the fairgrounds. Just talk right now.
Player program
In O’side you need a program to keep track of the ongoing beefs in the various groups. Take your choice: a council feud among the electeds; disruptions in the Tri-City Medical ranks and censuring of one of its members; and at MiraCosta College a decision on how much a deposed president is to receive in severance after a recent judge’s ruling on the matter. Oh, happy days!
Paparazzi law
If you are a celebrity there’s now senate legislation that provides for a traffic ticket being issued if a paparazzi is driving recklessly when chasing you to shoot your pic. Members of the press, however, are exempt.
In the foreseeable future you may be able to bet your favorite steed to lose … O’side Chamber is seeking entries in its Harbor Days Nail & Sail maritime craft competition; a major event of the celebration, Oct. 2 and Oct. 3 … Congrats to Community Connections in the Surfside City that is observing its 10th anniversary of doing great things for older folks … With dredging under way, restoration of the San Dieguito Lagoon is nearing completion of an $86 million project that started three years ago … In scandal plagued city of Bell, the Property Authority that hasn’t had a meaningful meeting since 2005 is reported to have paid its members $1,575 per month nevertheless. Flu Shots will be given from 9 to 11 a.m. Sept. 22 at Encinitas Senior Center. Sign up by calling (760) 943-2250.

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