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Parent Choice at The Classical Academies

The Classical Academies recognize parents as their children’s first and most influential educators. Parents know their children best and have valuable insight and knowledge of their child’s strengths, gifts, and challenges. 

The Classical Academies value the role of parents and actively seek to create a collaborative partnership with parents to create an environment where parents’ voices are heard and respected in all aspects of the school’s operation, including curriculum choice, development of policies, and the formation of extracurricular activities. 

This partnership creates an education that aligns the mission and vision of the school and academic benchmarks with parental expectations and aspirations. 

To ensure effective collaboration, The Classical Academies maintain open lines of communication with parents. 

Regular parent-teacher meetings, conferences, and workshops are conducted to discuss student progress, address concerns, and solicit feedback. 

This two-way dialogue enables parents to actively participate in shaping their child’s education, providing insights into their child’s unique strengths, weaknesses, and individual learning styles. 

The Classical Academies offers a variety of tracks for parents to choose from, including independent study, hybrid, or virtual. 

Families have the choice and flexibility to select a school program that fits their child’s learning style best. 

Parents are also welcome to participate in school events on campus, in the classroom, and on field trips. 

Parents are empowered to make a tangible impact on their child’s educational experience, resulting in a meaningful and successful partnership. 

The Classical Academies have been partnering with parents for student success since 1999. 

With seven TK-12 campuses across North San Diego County, they are preparing students for college, career, and citizenship. 

Call today to schedule a campus tour at 760-842-8000 or visit for more information.


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