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Opinion: Big money negative politics in Encinitas

It’s sad that the funky beach town that so many Encinitas residents say they want to preserve has now become a hotbed of outside money interests spreading lies and misinformation in the lead-up to the November 6 election. Over $250,000, largely from outside PACs, is being spent to elect local candidates based on a litmus test of opposition to the Leucadia streetscape project. Claiming that streetscape will cause massive traffic jams is just plain false. In fact, if we could ever get safe and attractive pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure built, many residents would choose not to drive downtown, but would come by foot or bike, reducing traffic. The Coastal Rail Trail in Cardiff, similarly, will encourage people to leave their cars at home.

It’s one thing to express a minority opinion, and to use available public processes to file an appeal at the Coastal Commission. However, once a determination has been made, and a ruling in support of the project has been made, it’s time to move on. The duly elected City Council voted not only to proceed with the streetscape, but to accelerate its construction. Many of the campaign signs cluttering our community were paid for by unaccountable, conservative outside organizations. Is this the Encinitas we want? Is this who we want our elected officials to answer to? Whose interests are being served? Not mine, and not the average citizen of Encinitas. We give small donations to our preferred candidates. Councilmember Joe Mosca and Planning Commissioner Jody Hubbard each have received donations from over 100 individuals, mostly local. Their opponents are relying on tens of donors each, their own personal funds, and a lot of PAC money.

Let’s speak with our votes and support the people’s candidates, Jody Hubbard and Joe Mosca, and reject the politics of fear, deception, and outside interests.

Lisa Shaffer, Former Encinitas Deputy Mayor and Council Member

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taxpayerconcerns November 2, 2018 at 11:35 am

Hubbard, Mosca, and Blakespear all want the $30 million boondoggle Highway 101 Leucadia Streetscape that shouldn’t cost more than $5 million. Mayor Blakespear is very proud of cementing in part of Rossini Creek in Cardiff. Mosca and Hubbard can’t wait to remove vehicle travel lanes on El Camino Real to make wider bike lanes and narrower car and truck lanes. The goal of the three of them is to reduce car lanes and make residents walk or bike to get groceries, go to a restaurant, or go shopping. It is part of their climate change plan. The Streetscape 101 city development will remove car lanes on both sides of 101 leaving only one lane in each direction. Additionally, 6 roundabouts in a one mile distance will be placed starting at the northern end of 101. Highway 101 is designated as a truck route in the municipal code. The cars, bicycles, and trucks will all be placed in one lane going through the roundabouts. The “cement” three are also in favor of increased traffic, 30 units per acre high density housing, increasing the building heights, and the other negatives (such as overcrowding in schools) that goes along with Measure U. Encinitas can’t survive the “more cement” team of Hubbard, Mosca, and Blakespear. Vote in Muir, Brandenburg, and Elliott. Vote NO on Measure U.

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