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Oceanside Transit Center improvements begin this summer

OCEANSIDE — Upgrades to the Oceanside Transit Center and tracks will begin this summer as part of LOSSAN rail corridor improvements, which extend from San Luis Obispo to San Diego.

“It’s the most work, and biggest investment along the rail line in 100 years,” Jim Linthicum, SANDAG director of mobility management and project implementation, said.

San Diego and Orange County will see $1 billion in improvements, which will fund 20 projects.

The $24 million Oceanside project includes construction of a third train platform to the south, addition of a third track, and extension of the northern boarding platform to accommodate a 10-car train.

Improvements will allow Oceanside Transit Center to accommodate twice as many trains, and allow freight trains to move through the station at the same time. Service capacity will increase from 65 to 130 trains a day.

“You don’t have to have one train waiting on another,” Linthicum said. “Improvements will be reflected in the whole corridor.”

Other pluses for passengers are a new walkway at the southern end of the transit center, crossovers, shelters, seating, and real time train arrival displays. In short the entire station will get a makeover.

An information table was set up at the transit center earlier in the week to inform weekend travelers, and morning and evening commuters about upcoming construction.

Work is anticipated to be completed within a year and a half, with minimal traveler delays.

A portion of the work will be done away from the station and have no impact on rail and bus commuters. The majority of on site work will occur at night or during the weekend.

Boarding platforms and station parking will remain open while work is being done.

Linthicum said there might be a need for occasional service interruptions at some time during the work.

If so, passengers will receive advanced online and posted station notification. No service shut downs are expected over the summer.

“We’ll do as much as we can not to inconvenience the traveler area,” Linthicum said.

Rail corridor work began two years ago.

As part of regional improvements double tracking in South Carlsbad, San Onofre and Sorrento Valley has already been completed, as well as improvements to the Trestles Bridge and Santa Margarita River Bridge.

The finish date for projects is set at 2030, or when funds become available.

Currently two thirds of total funding is secured through TransNet, and leveraged state and federal monies.