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Oceanside has plans in place for a roundabout

The city will have to look for grants to pay for the project

OCEANSIDE — Working to revitalize the main thoroughfare of Oceanside, city traffic engineers are developing plans for a roundabout at the intersection of Coast Highway and state Route 76.

By replacing the existing traffic signal at the site, a roundabout has the potential to improve traffic flow and increase traffic and pedestrian safety, explained city traffic engineer David DiPierro at Tuesday morning’s MainStreet Oceanside meeting.

The tangled intersection consumes traffic from Coast Highway, SR 76, Interstate 5, and numerous adjacent hotels and other businesses.

The city does not have the money to pay for the roundabout, which would cost over a million dollars.

But staff is hopeful that by having the plans at the ready, the city could apply for grants as they become available, said DiPierro.

The project is designed to fulfill the vision of the city’s Coast Highway Corridor Study, which lays out goals to enhance access for bicyclists and pedestrians and ease heavy traffic along the thoroughfare.

DiPierro said that a roundabout would create more of a gateway into Oceanside than the existing, ordinary traffic signal.

He pointed to the roundabout being constructed at Carlsbad Boulevard and State Street in Carlsbad as an example. Carlsbad’s roundabout is located at a northern entry point into the city and will incorporate landscaping and community-inspired sculpture when completed.

A roundabout would also increase safety by eliminating left-hand turn accidents and establishing clear crosswalks for pedestrians.

DiPierro is collecting feedback from the community about the roundabout to address any concerns from local businesses and residents.

City staff will soon bring the proposal before city council at an upcoming meeting in the hopes of obtaining about $100,000 to complete a traffic study on the project.


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RedAlert April 13, 2014 at 2:27 pm

You’ve got to be joking . . . narrowing Coast Hwy. to 2 lanes and further slowing traffic with a round-about?! PCH already backs up whenever there’s an accident on the 5 Fwy. What’s the evacuation plan in the event of an emergency or natural disaster when the 5 and PCH are the ONLY ways in and out of the City?! Has Mr. DiPiero or ANY City Planner even looked at the County’s Emergency Map?* NO? DUMP KERN & FELIEN IN 2014. Change the Council for Oceanside’s future.

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