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No hi-fives over Charger stadium possibility

Not in our backyard
Local fans aren’t happy about the possibility the Chargers may pack their gear and relocate in the City of Industry — 18 miles east of downtown L.A. Well, residents in that area aren’t too enthused about the Bolts or any other pro team becoming their neighbor. Zillionaire (give or take a few trillion) developer Ed Roski Jr. has plans to build a state-of-the art all green stadium that will seat 75,000 noisy fans. Opponents are opposed for the usual reasons besides noise — traffic, pollution and crime. No doubt Roski can deliver. He is well-connected. The state legislature passed without much opposition a bill waiving rules and regulations connected with an environmental impact report. The Governator had his pen ready to sign the document. Chargers owner Alex Spanos sez the team is staying and lately has looked at a possible Escondido site. It also has considered Chula Vista, O’side and the Harbor City. But bizness is bizness and there’s likely to be more of it in that part of the Southland.
Legotel OK’d
C’bad City Council has approved a Lego-themed hotel off Palomar Airport Road. Unlike some of the other structures built of Lego bricks, this building will offer first-rate accommodation for park visitors. It will include 254 rooms and the usual top-notch amenities. Construction will begin when the bizness climate improves and will take 18 months to build.
Surf Museum
O’side’s Cal Surf Museum on Pier View Lane will benefit from the second annual, three-day surf festival Nov. 19 to Nov. 22. Scheduled are new surfing flicks, book signings, concerts and receptions with filmmakers and authors. More skinny is available online at wwwsurf and at the museum.
Go by & buy
Barbs Sands, chief tub thumper for San Dieguito Academy Athletic Council, invites folks from everywhere to check out the stuff at its huge rummage sale from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. Nov. 14 at the academy with proceeds to benefit all sports.
Errant flyers
Those Harbor City-to-Minneapolis Northwest fly jockies who recently gave 144 passengers a bonus of 180 extra miles at no extra charge said they were occupied with their computers when they went off course. Last year a coppla Go Airline pilots in Hawaii over shot their destination from Honolulu to Hilo with 40 passengers enjoying the ride. They were up front about it. They said the warm, balmy Hawaiian weather lulled them into taking a nap. Now that’s believable. In the case of Northwestern, FAA staff was ready to alert the military that terrorists may have seized the airline when it disappeared from the radar.
Appeals panel favors bluff erosion control
Pacific Legal Foundation reports that in the state of Washington, the Court of Appeals has ruled in favor of a couple whose bluff was eroding and they took preventive measures by building a rock revetment to protect their property. Locally, and all up and down the coast, bluff erosion and lawsuits there from have been a hot issue.
Burger servers on skates
Young servers tooling around on skates serving customers in their cars their chow are the big attraction at the Sonic Drive-In in Vista. They are reminiscent of Topsy’s Drive-In on Pacific Highway in the Harbor City in the 1940s and 1950s when young ladies in attractive outfits were the servers on skates. Customers flicked their headlights when they wanted service. Sonic Drive-In is a nationwide chain.
Got yours?
Homeowners whose property was assessed downward and who had already paid their taxes have, or will, receive a share of the $5.5 mil. in refunds according to an announcement from the office of Tax Assessor Dan McAllister, who is a Solbeach resident. More than 4,800 checks were cut. An additional 216,000 properties have since been reassessed but property owners will have to wait until next year to cash in.
Flower Capital chamber flap
Folks are askin’ why the city renewed the contract when the city was privy there was internal accounting upheaval in the organization. The extension was opposed by Mayor Maggie Houlihan and Councilwoman Teresa Barth but approved by the majority of the council electeds And why afterward did the city hold up Visitor Center contract funds to the Chamber of Commerce until it was in dire straits and unable to meet its obligations?
Romeros anniversary concert
Los Romeros, a musical family that came to the Surf City from Spain in the late 1950s, will present a 50th anniversary concert Nov. 21 in the Powerhouse for the benefit of the Cultural Arts Committee of the Del Mar Foundation. The Romeros have performed concerts around the world and have high recognition. Info is available by calling (858) 635-1363.
Bonus take back
Checks aren’t in the mail to the 7,900 state workers who were promised a $250 bonus. Employees of another state agency caused such a ruckus becuz they weren’t included that the generous folks offering the bonuses decided now was not the time to give away money the state duzzn’t have. Howcum the givers didn’t offer to take the dough out of their own pockets instead of someone else’s?
A passel of prominent Orange County folks have formed a “Derail the Sale” committee vehemently opposed to the possible sale of the fairgrounds in Costa Mesa and a good number of ‘em marched on city hall recently even though the fairgrounds is state-owned … The embattled O’side City Council majority has announced plans to lay off 50 employees including some who are reported to be pushing for Councilman Jerry Kern to be recalled next month … Kudos to Barbara Moore, a naturalist at San Elijo Lagoon Conservancy who recently was honored for more than a coppla decades of volunteer service and has retired … The Surfside City’s newest eatery — Zel’s Del Mar — is named in memory of Zel Camiel, one of the village’s honorary mayors before it incorporated and Zel went about doing a lotta volunteer things and helping all kinds of causes … After a coppla years of study, L.A. City Council has put a resolution on the agenda prohibiting smoking where there is outdoor food service … Valley View and Harrah’s Rincon casinos have been given the green light to each add 2,000 slots to their operation … Eye on the Coast wants to be the first to offer folks a Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2010!
Hasta la Vista