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Co-founders John Niedernhofer, Dennis Williams, and Steve Ragan (not pictured) just opened a new brewery and tasting room in the Cedros Design District of Solana Beach. Photo by Daniel Knighton
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New brewery in Solana Beach offers a little culture

SOLANA BEACH — A trio of local brewers’ dreams and hard work came to fruition in the form of a new brewery/tasting room. Located in the trendy Cedros Design District of Solana Beach, Culture Brewing Company offers a variety of micro-brewed beers.

Co-founders Dennis Williams, John Niedernhofer and Steve Ragan (all Solana Beach locals) have taken their passion from the home-brews in their garage to the big time of a retail outlet.

“We’re excited about this area,” said Niedernhofer, “because we are big believers in the community. Cedros has industrial zoning so we thought there was an opportunity to bring a local brewery here.”

Patrons enjoy a cold beer at the new Culture Brewing Co. in Solana Beach. Photo by Daniel Knighton

After 21 months of hard work, and high praise from the City Council, the doors are now open. “It’s a very industrial feel here,” continues Niedernhofer “We want to immerse people in the brewing, educate them in how beer is made and help this big migration from big line brewers to more boutique micro-brews.”

With their Type 23 license, Culture Brewing Co. is allowed to manufacture, offer onsite tasting and retail privileges, but at this time no food is being offered.

“We may work with the city to offer non-prepared food eventually, but right now it’s just plain beer we make on site,” said Niedernhofer.

Co-founder Dennis Williams added, “If it wasn’t for the other brewers in this area we wouldn’t be open. We’ve had to call in some favors and it’s been ‘No problem, what do you need and how quickly?’”