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DNA Electronics (DNAe) relocated to Carlsbad to complete final development and begin commercial manufacture of its first test for bloodstream infections. Courtesy photo
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London-based science company comes to Carlsbad

CARLSBAD — Science technology is expanding to the city.

DNA Electronics (DNAe), which provides high sensitivity sample processing and rapid DNA analysis, announced has relocated from Albuquerque to a facility with specialized cleanrooms and 9,000-sqaure feet of office space, the company announced in a press release.

The London-based company chose Carlsbad due to its reputation as a global hub for life sciences and technology.

The Carlsbad site provides DNAe with the capacity to complete final development and begin commercial manufacture of its first test for bloodstream infections.

Last month, Carlsbad Mayor Matt Hall and Councilman Michael Schumacher joined DNAe executives for a ribbon cutting.

“Carlsbad is home to an active scientific community and we welcome DNAe, and the opportunities and skills it brings to the area,” Hall said.

DNAe’s diagnostic platform name announced as LiDiaTM DNA analysis technology. LiDiaTM uses a combination of novel approaches including ultra-sensitive sample preparation and semiconductor-based DNA analysis all within a single cartridge.

The first LiDiaTM test will be for bloodstream infection offering a broad test panel, capable of identifying the most critical suspected pathogens associated with bloodstream infections, as well as key antibiotic resistance markers.

“As we prepare to begin manufacturing our lead product, our new facility in Carlsbad enables us to tap into a wide pool of local talent and world class industry partners to support the next phase in our development,” said DNAe President Victor Esch. “With these new facilities and our strong and growing team, we are in an excellent position to make a game-changing impact in the infectious disease diagnostics space. Our first products will specifically address the huge global need for rapid diagnostics for sepsis.”

Referred to as a “national epidemic” in the U.S., the human cost of sepsis is enormous, according to DNAe. There are more than 1 million cases in the U.S. each year and 28 percent to 50 percent of people with severe sepsis will die.

A key factor is the speed at which a patient receives the appropriate antibiotics, with the chance of mortality increasing 8 percent every hour a patient in septic shock does not receive the correct antibiotic for treating the causative organism.

The LiDiaTM test for bloodstream infection operates directly from blood, delivering a clinically-relevant report for the physician. Unlike current blood culture based diagnostics, which can take two to six days, LiDiaTM will offer a ‘blood- to-result’ readout in just a few hours.

“The opening of our Carlsbad facility lays the foundation for the next phase of our story, as we commercialize our technology toward market introduction of LiDiaTM,” said CEO Dr. Steve Allen. “We are excited to be able to deliver on the extensive research and testing that has propelled us from a spin-out of Imperial College London to a company focused on improving clinical practice and patients’ lives through near-to-patient, blood-to-result rapid diagnostics.”