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Local woman aims to do good with new radio show

CARLSBAD — Nonprofits that fan across the county sometimes find it a challenge to get the word out about their organization and fundraisers on the horizon. Well, that’s all about to change.

Gina McBride will host a radio talk show that will feature, in part, good news around the community. Courtesy photo
Gina McBride, a certified financial planner and philanthropy advisor, is about to launch an Internet radio channel, Radio Talk Café, where she will serve as host.

The show’s goal is to serve as a platform for nonprofits to send their messages to businesses that give back to the community, and to individual philanthropists. Listeners may also be spurred to volunteer and give back in one way or another.

Radio Talk Café is expected to go live June 1.

McBride’s list of community involvement is endless. From being the founder of Starfish Leadership Awards, to her board positions with organizations such as Joe and Mary Mottino Family YMCA, New Village Arts, and North County Philanthropy Council, many might very well agree that McBride is unstoppable.

McBride’s “mental wheels” started turning with the radio idea about a year ago.

“I am just having so much fun putting this together,” said McBride, a Carlsbad resident.

“All of my past activities and interests seem to be coming together in creating Radio Talk Café and there are so many wonderful topics to discuss out there and I know experts in some topics who would love the opportunity to talk about them.”

In the early stages, the radio show will be weekly and will last about an hour or less. Tapings will occur in a quiet locale, like her Carlsbad business office.

The spin on the show will be a positive one. McBride plans to steer away from anything negative.

“Sometimes talk radio has disturbing rhetoric and that really can affect people,” she said. “I want to offer a more positive lifestyle; something down to earth, (that) offers practical information, and looks at the good — because that’s what makes you happy.”

McBride said Radio Talk Café will not be Pollyanna driven, but rather, a place for a positive message.

“And I love the concept of what a café means in where we are talking to one another,” she said, noting that her listeners can eavesdrop on a conversation and learn something new.

While nonprofits will have the opportunity to get their message out, McBride’s expertise will also come into play. She will share a wealth of information regarding strategic philanthropy and plan giving.

In a nutshell, topics may include how people can acquire income through tax savings while they are giving assets to charity.

“I want people to know there are things they can do to help themselves, their families and their favorite charities,” she said, adding that current tax laws allow people to give more money to nonprofit organizations.

McBride pointed out there are many corporations who have instituted employee clubs and their own foundations, which have done great things for the community.

And a segment on businesses like this and their cause-related marketing is part of the show’s agenda.

“Radio Talk Café connects people, purpose and passion,” she said.

The foundation for Radio Talk Café, McBride said, will have interviews with fascinating people who are leaders in business and industry, nonprofit organizations and community members who live with this passion and purpose.

“Our listeners can step into the café and listen in while our guests talk about both their work and personal lives and how sharing, caring and giving in their local and global communities makes an impact in the world and in their lives,” McBride said.

While some may wonder how McBride will find the time to add another endeavor on her plate, McBride shares that she couldn’t imagine living any other way.

“I find what I do is so stimulating; it’s energizing,” she said. “And sometimes I feel sad when I can’t do more.”

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