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Eagle Scout Trevor Radcliff comments on Tuesday at Batiquitos Lagoon in Carlsbad, "To be an Eagle Scout feels like I've had a lot of time and effort that I've put into accomplishing my goal, and it's paid off." Photo by Shana Thompson

Local scout adds to Batiquitos Lagoon

CARLSBAD — Protecting and beautifying the city’s trails and lagoons is a longstanding tradition.

And over the past month, one Life Scout has been doing his part at Batiquitos Lagoon. Trevor Radcliff, a 17-year-old senior at Carlsbad High School, has raised $11,000 to install a new 25-foot flagpole, landscaping, native plants and an irrigation system at the lagoon’s nature center.

The efforts began on Feb. 24, and although there is still work remaining, he is proud of his addition to the lagoon as part of his Eagle Scout project .

“I just wanted to do something different,” Radcliff said. “I’ve lived here my whole life and I feel connected to this place. I thought it would be nice to add something.”

Trevor Radcliff, 17, admires the American flag he helped to establish at Batiquitos Lagoon on Tuesday in Carlsbad. Photo by Shana Thompson

He started as a Cub Scout when he was 6 and has steadily rose through the ranks, earning dozens of badges. When it came time to select a service project to earn the rank of Eagle Scout, Radcliff was looking in another direction.

His father, Ron, said initially his son was considering improving an athletic storage facility at the high school. When those plans fell through, Radcliff turned his eyes toward the lagoon.

Living near the lagoon, and as a frequent visitor over the years, a new project idea took form. He received approval from the Aviara Master Association, a homeowners association, for a project installing railroad ties to a pair of steep trailhead entrances. However, the board passed, but Radcliff came back with a plan for beautifying the nature center, which was approved.

“Our nature center, the new one, opened a year-and-a-half ago,” said Fred Sandquist, president of the Batiquitos Lagoon Foundation. “We wanted to restart to see what we could do for a better irrigation system and better plants. We thought that would be a good Boy Scout, Eagle Scout project. Trevor Radcliff stepped up.”

In addition to the HOA and lagoon foundation, Radcliff received assistance with navigating the project through the city of Carlsbad, as flagpoles fall under the signage ordinance.

Nevertheless, once the pole was approved it was a matter of determining whether it would be raised every day and night or if a light would be installed so the flag could remain up at all times. However, one of the requirements was to install a solar-powered light system.

“I think it really improves the look and feel,” Sandquist said. “It worked out well and Trevor had a nice dedication with his troop. We are off and running now.”

While the work is winding down, Radcliff is still on the fundraising trail, seeking funds to complete the project. With $11,000 banked, he’s still about $6,000 short.

He began planting the seeds for his Eagle Scout project years ago, tapping friends, family and family friends for donations.

“I pretty much called all the people who said they would help me,” Radcliff said, noting he’s received more than 100 donations. “I sent so many emails and letters out.”