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Local dental expert helps boost immunity with a healthy smile

ENCINITAS — In a time of fear and uncertainty due to a public health crisis unlike anything we have faced, it is crucial that we not only protect ourselves from infection and spreading disease but also take care of ourselves and boost our body’s natural defenses.

Dr. Mark T. Galli is taking extra steps to promote procedures that protect his patients from contracting coronavirus as well as helping them boost their immunity with a healthy smile in his Encinitas dental practice. Since June 29, five of his online reviews have mentioned the extra steps the office has taken for Covid-19, how safe his patients feel and how sanitized the office is.

According to Dr. Galli, some of the best ways to take care of your body and boost its immune system, especially during a cold and flu season, are to rest, maintain proper nutrition, practice stress reduction and exercise.

Dr. Galli explains that maximizing your nutrition includes a balanced diet, drinking plenty of water and taking your preferred supplements.

“Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Zinc, daily multivitamins and lots of water are what people think of when they want to boost their immune system,” Dr. Galli says.

He stresses that boosting the immunity can help the body’s natural defenses but does not take the place of new COVID-19 protocols for hand hygiene and mask wear, especially for those who are immunocompromised.

In his office, Dr. Galli follows the mandated guidelines and more to maximize his patients’ safety. The office team members are all  screened prior to starting work and are all wearing the appropriate PPE — personal protective equipment — to ensure their safety and the safety of each patient.

Upon arrival, patients contact the office from their car instead of waiting in the reception area. The team invites them in when it is safe, making sure there is no overlap in the common areas in order to maintain social distancing.

Patients are then taken to their own private rooms, which have glass doors now after building modifications were made earlier this year.

The most important modification Dr. Galli has made is the implementation of an air purifying solution that sanitizes the office’s air.

In each room, Dr. Galli has installed a humidifier (the Covid -19 virus is less effective in humid air) that dispenses a solution called hypochlorous acid or HOCl.

Though the name sounds intimidating, the mild solution is completely safe. HOCl is a naturally occurring molecule made in our own cells and can also be made by mixing special salt tablets with distilled water. It is commonly used in water sanitation, food service and wound cleaning. Ophthalmologists even use it to flush out their patients’ eyes.

The office also has an updated HVAC system that is a closed system to their office only, so they are not sharing air with any other businesses in the building. As the solution disperses into the air in Dr. Galli’s office, it is circulated through the system and continuously sanitizes it.

Ultimately, taking proper care of your body will naturally boost your defenses and help fend off viruses and bacteria. According to Dr. Galli that means keeping up with your dentist visits as well.

Maintaining a healthy mouth is essential to maintaining an overall healthy body.

“The area of the mouth’s gum tissue is about the same surface area as the palm of your hand, so if there is gum inflammation that’s like a wound that bacteria or a virus can enter,” Dr. Galli explains.

He says many people don’t realize the gums are like a “portal of entry” to the body. How healthy your mouth is can contribute positively or negatively to your overall health.

When the body is busy fighting off an infection in the mouth, it becomes harder to fight off other bacterial and viral infections. “Keeping your mouth healthy is critical so that your immune system is ready to fight anything else that comes in,” Dr. Galli says.

Dr. Galli recommends thoroughly brushing and flossing every day and seeing a hygienist three times a year. He says it only takes 90 days for the gums to begin bleeding again and the portal of entry is opened back up.

Dr. Galli and his team want you to know they can brighten your smile while keeping you safe.

To schedule an appointment, call 760-943-1449 and visit for more information.

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