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Libby's now thinking about her health in terms of longevity and vitality. Courtesy photo
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Libby’s success with The Smart Fit Method has her thinking about her health in terms of her longevity and vitality

Libby Carstensen thought she was living life at her baseline. Her hormones, her weight, and her fitness levels were all changing naturally with age. As a woman over 40, she knew she couldn’t expect the same energy levels she had at 20.

That thinking changed when she was diagnosed with both Epstein Barr Virus and hyperthyroidism.

The combination of EBV and hyperthyroidism explained Libby’s chronic fatigue, her weight gain, her depression, and a host of related symptoms. Her functional medicine doctor encouraged her to make changes to her lifestyle to help manage her symptoms, but the gyms she joined didn’t impress her, and the programs she tried failed to address her unique challenges.

Then, she joined The Smart Fit Method in November of 2022.

The biggest difference Libby noticed between The Smart Fit Method and other programs was the quality of the technology. Her personal trainer wasn’t using measuring tape to track her body’s progress, he was using a 3D Smart Scan. She wasn’t worried about injuring herself while strength training thanks to the AI-robotics and her trainer’s posture cues. And she was using a machine that used cooling therapy to actually improve her body’s hormonal responses.

For the first time in her adult life, Libby feels energized.

And it isn’t just the exercise, either. The social connections she’s made in the studio with fellow clients on health-focused fitness journeys keep her motivated and elevates her mood. Her depression has all but subsided,and she’s feeling even better now than she did in her 20s.

Libby’s advice for people who think they can’t exercise is to give themselves a chance. She’s thinking about her health now in terms of her longevity and vitality as she moves through life’s transitions. Every time she comes into the studio and completes a workout or a recovery session, she’s making a deposit into the “Bank of Libby” and building a Physical Retirement Plan as she ages.

Everyone deserves a body that has more energy, greater strength, and a longer, healthier lifespan. Receive a free consultation at one of The Smart Fit Method’s longevity studios and work with a personal trainer to determine the right program for you. You’ll unlock a special savings on your first month to make it even easier to get started on your journey to a fitter, healthier life.

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The Smart Fit Method is growing throughout Southern California! San Diego locations now include La Jolla, Cardiff and Rancho Santa Fe with new centers coming to Carlsbad and Torrey Hills. Orange County locations are in Costa Mesa, Yorba Linda and San Clemente.

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