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Letters to the Editor

Property values

Over the last several years, property values have skyrocketed around Encinitas. Landlords are doubling, even tripling rent and some small businesses are forced to shut.

Last week another long established retail shop Gardenology closed due to her lease being up and the new rent going up to $16,000 plus a month I heard.

On my morning run loop through downtown Encinitas, I noticed another permit application in the window for a beer tasting room in a vacant shop next to Ironsmith coffee.

This storefront was unable to rent for over 15 months due to I’m sure the extremely high rent.

It appears that beer and wine establishments are the only businesses that can afford the sky rocketing rents in downtown Encinitas and cool retail businesses are being forced out when their leases are up. We already have Culture Beer tasting room opening soon in downtown Encinitas. Don’t get me wrong I love a good IPA beer but it appears that alcohol and coffee houses are taking over downtown Encinitas.

Isn’t it about time that the city of Encinitas puts a halt to one more beer bar permit? I have lived here for over 30 years and appreciate some of the nice changes and additions to downtown Encinitas but I find myself with the distinct sense that something has been lost and there, as they say, goes the neighborhood.

Trish Walsh Haskell,



San Dieguito School Board on right track

I commend the San Dieguito Union High School District Board leadership in their recent decision to hire a superintendent and their success in implementing their capital bond program.

Over the years I have seen my share of good and bad public sector executive leaders.  It is a fallacy to think only a teacher/principal can be a superintendent.

The best leaders I have worked with were often from “outside” the normal professional path.  These have included both private sector managers leading a government agency or non-engineers who managed engineers.  You don’t have to be one to manage one.

In the case of SDUHSD, the Board selected a person who understands the District and its people.

The Board deserves credit for looking for a leader first, and they made an excellent choice with Mr. Dill.

Regarding the SDUHSD’s capital bond projects, I have followed the District’s efforts as a professional in the construction industry. I managed three different bond programs for area districts.

I know about selection methods and project delivery options. SDUHSD has performed this task as well as any district in San Diego.  The selections made and local companies used in the execution of projects have been top notch.   The students, parents and taxpayers are fortunate to have the leadership we have.

Joe Minner (SDUHSD parent and taxpayer since 1990),



Community Choice for San Diego County

Counties all across California are acting swiftly and decisively to accelerate their transition to clean energy.

On Feb. 15, the San Diego County Board of Supervisors will have an opportunity to make the right choice for our environment and our local economy by voting to move ahead with a Community Choice Energy Feasibility Study.

Community Choice Energy is a tool that is increasingly gaining favor in the statewide effort to increase energy independence while slashing our carbon footprint.

It works by allowing government to buy electrical power on behalf of its residents while the existing utility continues to maintain the grid. Community Choice can offer a higher percentage of renewable energy in electricity service at prices competitive with the investor-owned utility.

Among other benefits, Community Choice creates local jobs, boosts local economic development, controls energy costs for residents, and helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Residents in Sonoma have saved over $62 million cumulatively since Community Choice went live there in 2014.

Meanwhile in Marin County, Community Choice has sparked the development of numerous local energy projects while keeping costs low.

San Diego residents deserve the same benefits as our counterparts across the state.

The Board of Supervisors should vote yes to leaving the possibility of Community Choice open for San Diego County.

Sophie Wolfram,

San Diego