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Letters to the Editor

Re: Joe Moris article

The article in question (Nov. 28, “It’s always a time for giving thanks” ) is about John the good friend and golfing buddy that related the event of a child visited by Jesus. The statement and event of the child was aired on Channel 36 is correct.

My association with Joe has been limited to golf only. He has taken the liberty to degrade and demean my belief and faith and  classify me an agnostic and more likely a self-avowed atheist. I was raised Catholic and have practiced my faith without question.

If  Joe has proof or data to publish degrading and demeaning character I suggest he publish such.If not I take the liberty naming Joe a liar.

This type of characterization is totally unwarranted for public reading. His claim as a “practicing Christian” is flawed and questioning as his claim to clairvoyance and his publication of his book “Heaven” in my faith our priest advised his congregation to distance our self from such characters as they are dangerous and liars. I will heed his advice.

There is no evidence, data or conformation of any human having the ability to communicate with the other side.

I do not know what his place of worship practice but as a practicing Christian he has violated one of God’s commandments “Thou shall not bear false witness to thy neighbor.”

As a Christian I don’t think so. Wishing all readers a happy holiday. Love thy family, neighbor and friends. As we know, friends are forever without question.

John Pytell,